Jhon Poulos was sentenced to 42 years and 6 months in prison for the femicide of Valentina Trespalacios

Jhon Poulos was sentenced to 42 years and 6 months in prison for the femicide of Valentina Trespalacios
Jhon Poulos was sentenced to 42 years and 6 months in prison for the femicide of Valentina Trespalacios

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Judge 10 of Knowledge of Bogotá, sentenced to 512 months in prison to the American, John Poulos, for his responsibility in the feminicide of the Dj Valentina Trespalacios, which occurred in January 2023.

The man, who had previously confessed to the crime, was found guilty of the crimes of aggravated feminicide and concealment, alteration or destruction of evidentiary material.

“Don’t let us come up with the story that it was manslaughter or unintentional homicide, sand it was a murder by subjugation. His jealousy led him to that and so he punished Valentina, murdering her. “It is a matter of common sense, of logic, one goes to a doctor if he sees that the young woman is unconscious, but he does not run to put her in a suitcase and throw her away,” the judge said.

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During his reading of the ruling, the judge strongly questioned the confessed murderer and distorted his arguments about a possible crime without ‘intention’, as Poulos has always said in his defense. “I don’t remember what happened that night due to the consumption of psychoactive substances.”

”He lacked indigenous malice, how are they going to say that it was an involuntary homicide. It was a homicide by domination, by control, he wanted to control her. He controlled her in everything he did with her, she had to give him an account of her, he called her even when she was asleep. And then they come to say that when the crime occurred there she did panic, of course! How could he not? He had to think about how to solve that. He had a dead woman next to her, with those bruises on her face, on her head, on her forearms. That is the only thing that caused him panic, and he began to plan how to escape, how to escape justice, but first he occupied himself with hiding the evidence and put it in a suitcase,” the judge read.

It is known about Jhon Poulos thate was married and has three minor children in the United States, a point that the judge did indeed mention. “Didn’t he think about his children? Didn’t he think about them when she did that? Didn’t your children cross your mind? the judge questioned.

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In this case, the Attorney General’s Office requested the imposition of the sentence when it found proven the intentional and premeditated actions of the foreigner; The Prosecutor’s Office, for its part, in addition to requesting the imposition of the sentence, requested the maximum sentence.

“Valentina’s body speaks, She is no longer here, but her body told us everything she suffered, “She defended herself, she fought for her life, while she was asphyxiated by this man, today she speaks to us from the stars and calls for justice,” said the fiscal delegate.

In the decision, the judge ordered immediate confinement in a prison center, in this case in the prison of maximum security La Picota, where it has remained since last year when the events occurred.

Once more than 42 years have passed in prison, Jhon Poulos will be immediately expelled from Colombia, by order of the judge.

In this way, an extremely painful episode for Valentina’s family ends. This young 23-year-old DJ who died after being suffocated by the man with whom she began a relationship on the social network Instagram and who quickly convinced her to form a home and a life together. In fact, they had arrived at the apartment where the murder occurred because they were supposed to live together. Contrary to that, he killed her the same day he arrived at the place with suitcases full of her dreams.

Precisely, in reading the sentencing ruling, the judge warned how premeditated the crime was, that he promised Valentina that they would live together in Bogotá, even though that was a lie. Well, in his job as a stockbroker in the United States, He had asked for three weeks’ leave.

While Jhon Poulos assimilates the rest of his life in a Colombian cell, far from his native country, Valentina’s family applauds that justice has been done, although that does not alleviate the pain of his violent and hasty departure.

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