Government denounced corruption network within the Ministry of Education

Government denounced corruption network within the Ministry of Education
Government denounced corruption network within the Ministry of Education


The Government of Córdoba reported that it filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against undetermined persons, following findings that would indicate that, apparently, unscrupulous persons are improperly using the resources of the Departmental Secretariat of Education.

“It is presumed that the person or persons responsible would be using the ID cards of unsuspecting citizens to register them as teachers without being so and pass them off as affiliates of the National Fund for Social Benefits of Teachers, in order to obtain money for salaries and social benefits”, was established by the departmental administration

According to the authorities of Córdoba, this irregular situation is known by a person who testified “having been deceived by a stranger who approached him on the street and offered him a subsidy of $200,000, for which he handed over his citizenship card and opened a bank account”. Later, this person would have found out from the EPS that he was affiliated with the Teaching profession, despite not being a teacher.

“The investigation carried out indicates that in the bank account that this person created when he was deceived, several payments were made, including vacation salary, Christmas bonus, teaching vacation bonus and basic salary. These public resources came into unscrupulous hands between October 2023 and April 2024,” added the government chaired by Erasmo Zuleta Bechara.

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It is presumed that one or several undetermined persons, with the identity document and bank account of the victims, register the people in the National Fund for Social Benefits of the Teaching profession, passing them off as teachers filling temporary vacancies.. These resources of the Government of Córdoba are intended to be used for the payment of payroll and other benefits of teachers in the public sector, who are duly registered and actually provide their services in the different educational institutions of the non-certified municipalities of the department,” The Government of Córdoba pointed out.

Finally, the Government of Córdoba maintained that, taking into account the facts described, it was requested to initiate a preliminary investigation into the alleged commission of the crimes of embezzlement by appropriation and procedural fraud and/or others that may be established in the investigation.

It should be remembered that the governor of Córdoba, Erasmo Zuleta, had warned of the alleged acts of corruption in the closing speech of the extra sessions in the Córdoba Assembly. At that time, the president expressed that “in a few days they will know details of it. What is clear is that here we are not going to tolerate acts of corruption.”

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