Monitoring in Camagüey of entities that operate with economic losses

Camagüey, June 4.- A task plan puts into practice the direction of the Government in this municipality to give permanent attention to those entities that operate with losses in the territory.

The program includes visiting these companies twice a month to evaluate the status of the workforce and the actions taken to fill them if they have vacant positions.

Likewise, the operation of the commissions, the management and economic councils, contracting and credits, if they exist, and their execution as established will be verified.

Likewise, the status of accounts receivable and payable, overdue calculations, reconciliations and procedures with banks or other institutions to reduce the amounts will be checked.

As part of the work to attend to the entities with losses in Camagüey, the financial statements, the progress of investments and production costs, among other matters, will be confirmed. (Text and photo: Radio Camagüey)

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