B Tournament: Magdalena took a big step

*With a double from Janeth Alemán, Unión Magdalena defeated Llaneros (2 to 1) in a game held last night at the Sierra Nevada stadium and brings the Samarios closer to the final.


Source: Diario del Magdalena

Although the Samario team started down on the scoreboard, they recovered and ended up achieving the three points and regained the lead in group B with 11 points.

After the victory, a draw against Cúcuta or Llaneros not scoring in the last game against Deportes Quindío would be enough for Unión to reach the final.

During the first minutes of play, Unión Magdalena appealed to play from the sides, taking advantage of the speed of Janet Alemán to gain offensive weight, however, the visiting team defended itself in the best way.

The first option of the match was generated by Andrés Carreño in the 13th minute, the Unión Magdalena scorer demanded Kevin Arnesto with a mid-distance shot, the goalkeeper took the ball with his fingertips and it crashed into the post and into the the rebound Andrés Escobar raised a center that could not be well capitalized by Janeth Alemán.

The match turned back and forth, after the 20th minute the ‘banana players’ came close with a header from Andrés Carreño, but the shot came out without force.

Although the banana players handled the ball, they did not have the necessary depth to increase the score by trying two shots from mid-distance. At the end of the first 45 minutes, the Samarians tried with mid-distance shots, but without causing any major danger in the ‘cowboy’ goal.


The complementary part began with Unión Magdalena wanting to get on the scoreboard and advanced their lines seeking to have greater offensive weight, but they were surprised by Llaneros who were effective and in the 53rd minute and after a cross from Brayan Urueña and a weak clearance from Johan Walenns, Andrés López finished to open the scoring. The joy for the visitor did not last long, 7 minutes later and after a combination of weights between José Mercado and Andrés Carreño, the ball was served for Janeth Alemán to send the ball to the back of network.

After the score, the ‘banana players’ continued to insist and the reward came at 77 when once again José Mercado gave a pass to Andrés Carreño who pivoted and enabled Janeth Alemán who in two moments took a shot that nestled in the goal of Kevin Arnesto and unleash the madness in the ‘Sierra Nevada’.

In the end Unión tried to go long, but a shot by Arneth González hit the post. The 2 to 1 was enough for the Samarios to reach the three points to dream of the final of the first semester.

On the last date, Unión Magdalena will visit Cúcuta, while Llaneros will receive Quindío. Unión would qualify for the final if it wins, draws or loses against the Motilones, as long as Llaneros does not add three against Quindío.


Cúcuta Deportivo and Deportes Quindío portrayed the bad present of two historic teams in the Colombian second division: both, with a very poor game, fought not to be the last in the B quadrangular of the I-2024 Tournament.

The victory, in a Centenario stadium in Armenia with few fans, went to the local team that took the points by winning 1-0 thanks to a goal from the hardworking Alexis Serna in the 9th minute. The victory allowed Rubén Darío Hernández’s team to reach to five units out of 15 possible.
(Source: Diario del Magdalena).

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