Persecution and multiple stabbings: They identify a man murdered outside the La Serena terminal

“You are going to kill me,” Ignacio Caroca Aguilera (37) was heard shouting in a video uploaded to social networks that shows the exact moment in which he is attacked with a knife by a subject, during the early hours of Tuesday, on the street Amunátegui, outside the La Serena bus terminal.

According to the first information provided by witnesses, it would be a conflict that began nearby and culminated with the attack on Caroca Aguilera in front of the terminal.

In the camera images you can see how the victim is running from El Santo Avenue in the direction of Route 5 North, when he is intercepted by a vehicle that even entered against traffic to catch up with him. The aggressor got out from the cell phone and, with a knife, delivered a series of blows that caused his death.

Regarding how the incident occurred, prosecutor Nicolás Shertzer indicated that, although it is investigation material, the background information collected so far indicates that “there is a person mobilized in a vehicle who gets out, stabs him and then gets in and goes”. The prosecutor mentioned that there are several hypotheses provided by witnesses who were at the scene, but “until this moment I could not venture to give a reliable hypothesis of what happened.”

According to what El Día was able to investigate with witnesses, the incident was generated by a conflict related to a race between an application driver and the victim. “They were chasing him and the guy got out and demanded something from them. We only heard the victim tell him to stop, that he was going to kill him, but the man continued. I think he was demanding a ride that he didn’t pay for, that’s what was said,” said one of the taxi drivers located outside the terminal.


According to what could be gathered, Ignacio Caroca Aguilera, who had a record of driving while intoxicated and violating the intellectual property law, was the father of two girls and lived in the commune of Ovalle.

He was also a member of the Remar organization, a Christian Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO) created to help people in situations of social exclusion.

On his social networks you can see Ignacio Caroca preaching in religious programs online and in places such as prisons and churches.


It should be remembered that this is not the first bloody event that has occurred in the sector. And on April 25, a 23-year-old man of Colombian nationality lost his life after being stabbed by a group of fellow nationals, a crime that occurred before the match that Palestino played with the Colombian cast of Millonarios, in the framework of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2024, at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso stadium.

In this regard, the guards of the facility clarify that they can only act inside the terminal and that in its surroundings their hands are tied, although they recognize an increase in robberies and homeless people who come to ask for money on the outskirts of the terminal. place.

“Many times they even go to the terminal to sleep, but we invite them to leave, although we can’t do much,” said one of the guards.

They add that before there was a police office that allowed procedures to be carried out more quickly, but over time the institution stopped using it.

The taxi drivers in the area share the opinion that there is an increase in crime in the sector and that people at night feel very afraid when leaving the terminal due to the presence of homeless people and criminals hanging around.


In this regard, Carabineros Second Lieutenant Diego Ibarra, head of the Analysis Office of the Carabineros Coquimbo area, pointed out that recently crimes in that sector have decreased by 5%. “We understand that two or three crimes with a social connotation generate a feeling of insecurity in people, even more so when these are homicides. “We remain committed to security with a greater active presence in that place,” said the officer. Ibarra stressed the importance of citizens reporting crimes in order to focus their efforts on the most conflictive areas.

For the director of citizen security of the municipality of La Serena, Gonzalo Arceu, it is a permanent concern to carry out the removal of some people who are spending the night at the bus terminal, mainly on the outskirts, considering that the facility has its own internal security. “We believe that a police intervention should be carried out in that place, since the police have the powers to control the identity of these people, both inside and outside. We are going to continue doing this work daily, because it is the only way to get those people out of that place,” said Arceu.

Regarding the 20 homicides that have been recorded in the area during the year, presidential delegate Galo Luna asserted that security in the Coquimbo Region and the occurrence of murders is a permanent concern. “We must consider that in 2022 we had 52 of these crimes, in 2023 we decreased to 49 and this year we have 20. Of course, we empathize with the community that is upset when they find out about the occurrence of homicides in the region. Therefore, I want to reiterate the government’s permanent commitment in different lines to combat crime, such as the fight against organized crime, the Streets without Violence plan, the recovery of public spaces, in addition to what was announced by President Boric in its Public Account with a 30% increase in police staff, the creation of the Ministry of Public Security and the increase in the country’s prison capacity,” said the authority.

In that sense, Luna affirmed that the government will not rest on the implementation of serious measures with a sense of reality to face cases like these.

“We are convinced that we will achieve better results. Security is a complex issue that is difficult to resolve, so the work must be decisive and systematic, and thus in 2024 we will be able to further reduce the occurrence of homicides,” concluded the presidential delegate.

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