A musical journey through Afro roots, performed by the Symphonic Band during its gala concert

A musical journey through Afro roots, performed by the Symphonic Band during its gala concert
A musical journey through Afro roots, performed by the Symphonic Band during its gala concert

With broad public participation at the Santiago Londoño Londoño theater, the Pereira Symphonic Band presented the gala concert corresponding to the month of May, with a special repertoire dedicated to the celebration of Afro-Colombian identity.

There were six moments that the more than 700 attendees at the cultural stage experienced, with a finely chosen repertoire that paid tribute to the different Afro airs of the world, including Colombian rhythms.

Each fragment was applauded by the public, demonstrating the great acceptance for the artistic and research work achieved by the Pereira Symphonic Band, directed by maestro Juan Pablo Noreña.


1. Kilimanjaro, by composer Robert Washburn.

2. Jungle, symphonic poem by the Spanish composer Ferrer Ferrán.

3. Guerra de Secciones, brass and percussion ensemble, by Venezuelan composer Félix Mendoza.

4. My Buenaventura, résumé of the Colombian Petronio Álvarez.

5. Three airs of the Pacific, by the Caldense composer, Oscar Fernando Trujillo.

6. From coast to coast, by composer Juan Velasco.

“To offer a concert of a good level, many hours of group and individual work were required. We also did very serious research work, due to the complexity of the works, they were rhythms of African origin, of Venezuelan origin and the Afro rhythms of Colombia. that despite being closer to us, we also had to do a lot of research. Everything to carry out very demanding works that we deliver with a lot of love and affection for the public,” said Santiago Anaya, percussionist of the Pereira Symphonic Band.

At the end of the month’s concert, Gina Perea, a Chocó native living in Pereira, expressed her joy for what she experienced musically at the Santiago Londoño theater, “the concert was spectacular, because it transported us to the very roots of our African heritage, where All these rhythms that run through Afro blood in Latin America and obviously in Colombia were born. What I liked the most was the interpretation of the currulao Mi Buenaventura, an icon of Afro-Colombian folklore, and the closing obviously, which was loaded with a lot of energy and flavor,” said the assistant excitedly.

As noted, this concert is offered free of charge on the last Thursday of each month, starting at 7:00 pm at the Santiago Londoño Theater. The details of the event were shared on the social networks of the Pereira Culture Secretariat.

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