Judge involved in military espionage lobbied to appoint Supreme Court minister with the help of Mario Desbordes

The North Central Prosecutor’s Office has revealed new implications in the case of military espionage authorized by Judge Juan Poblete. Recently, new research from Ciper published conversations on the magistrate’s cell phone that show efforts to appoint Minister María Teresa Letelier in the Supreme Court, involving the former Minister of DefenseMario Desbordes.

Judge Juan Poblete, Known for authorizing wiretaps illegal actions of the Army Intelligence Directorate (DINE) against journalists and soldiers who denounce corruption, He was arrested in April 2023. During the raids, his cell phone was seized, revealing conversations that involve judicial lobbying to benefit María Teresa Letelier.

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In the chats found, Poblete asked Desbordes for his support for Letelie’s candidacyr. In a conversation on March 14, 2021, Poblete asked Desbordes to endorse Letelier for a vacancy in the Supreme Court. Desbordes responded affirmatively, pledging to support the candidacy.

Juan Poblete: Do you have any commitments in the next week?

Mario Desbordes: Not yet. There are several quinas it seems

Juan Poblete: Yes, but next time, I hope my best friend, who is from San Miguel, goes. María Teresa Letelier Ramírez, who has appeared for Supreme Court prosecutor, which led to a tremendous earthquake in a group of more than 20 years. She is center-right, willing to work and help. She is loved by everyone, in addition to being a very accepted and wonderful woman.

Mario Desbordes: Let’s support her then.

Mario Desbordes: “I get nothing from being middle class if the proposals do not reflect that I am connected to what the real Chile needs”


Thanks to these efforts, María Teresa Letelier was included in the group proposed to the then president Sebastián Piñera and, eventually, she was appointed minister of the Supreme Court. Letelier voted in favor of Poblete’s release when he was in preventive detention on espionage charges, the investigative outlet claims.

Mario Desbordes has declared not remember having made specific arrangements for Letelier’s application. However, the chats demonstrate their direct involvement. On the other hand, Minister Letelier has not responded to queries about her participation in these events.

The PDI report, delivered to the North Central Prosecutor’s Office, has been crucial to advancing this investigation. Prosecutor Jaime Retamal leads the investigation, which now includes a new aspect called “judicial appointments.” This case joins other investigations that also examine improper influences in the Judiciary.

This case continues to develop, and the implications could be significant for both those directly involved and for the public perception of the Chilean judicial system.

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