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Author: Natalia Trujillo Varela

A student from the Naranjal school in Quimbaya presented his project for the reuse of water.

More than 100 companies from Quindío meet at Expo R 2024 in Armenia, highlighting advances in waste management, clean energy and circular fashion in a joint effort for environmental sustainability.

The Expo R 2024 Environmental and Sustainable Showcase, in its fourth version, concludes this Thursday at the Armenian Metropolitan Cultural Convention Center. More than 100 Quindian companies specialized in areas such as waste management, nature tourism, environmental consulting and education, water quality management, sustainable food, circular fashion and clean energy meet at this event, organized by the Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Quindío.

Expo R is a platform to develop businesses with a sustainability focus, facilitating business conferences with national and regional buyers. The event stands out for its ability to bring together Quindian companies that offer innovative solutions in various areas of environmental management, promoting the exchange of ideas and sustainable practices in a context of climate change.

In addition to the exhibition, Expo R offers conferences on waste transformation towards the circular economy and the Zero Waste project. Marce La Recicladora, the first “YouTube Recycler” in Latin America, also participated in this edition, who educates citizens about the correct separation of waste in a fresh and fun way.

Claudia Martínez, director of the Coalition for Food and Land Use, FOLU, Colombia, highlighted the importance of understanding the challenges of Quindío and ensuring the production of sustainable food systems for future generations. Martínez emphasized the relationship between agricultural production, soil conservation and markets, advocating for practices that reduce erosion and promote soil regeneration.

Traditionally coffee-growing Quindío has suffered a drastic reduction in its coffee growing area and faces high levels of erosion. “We must rethink land use to guarantee a regenerative Quindío and preserve our capacity to produce food,” Martínez said.

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The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Armenia and Quindío, Luz Adriana Buitrago Suárez, stressed the importance of raising awareness among businessmen and citizens about the need to adopt sustainable environmental practices. “We have about a hundred exhibitors, 15 of them focused on regeneration. Our work is to promote the circular economy and promote recycling and environmental recovery,” explained Buitrago Suárez.

The Colombian Regenerative Livestock Association, Acoganar, also participated, promoting a livestock model that imitates natural processes to restore and preserve ecosystems. “We work without chemical inputs, creating a nutrient cycle that improves soil quality,” said Guillermo Andrés Villa, partner at Acoganar.

Other notable exhibitors were Miguel Ángel, a student at the Naranjal de Quimbaya educational institution, who presented his Hydrolysis project, which reuses water from ponds to nourish plants and filter water, contributing to the circular economy. Valentina Baena, fashion entrepreneur, proposed the reuse of garments to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Companies such as Eco Orgánica and Blesa Colombia showed sustainable products and services, from reusable diapers to solar energy systems, highlighting the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

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