Mauricio Holc from Obereño presents “Raíces” in Congress

From June 3 to 14, the exhibition “Roots, from the forest to the jungle”, by Mauricio Holc, from Obereño, is on display at the National Congress. The series of photographs sponsored by the Polish Embassy opens on Friday at noon, but you can now visit it, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., in Annex A, free entry, (Rivadavia 1841 – CABA).

“Raíces” comprises 22 large format photographs, which seek to show the diversity of the Polish community in Misiones, and what the new identity is like that is generated with immigrants as they have children. “The exhibition wants to give an account of the preconceptions about a community. It talks about how that identity became diversified in Misiones, although Misiones is itself diversity, with many species, many voices, many cultures.”account Mauricio Holcwho was born and resides in Oberá, Misiones.

Holc is an award-winning queer visual artist, with Polish roots, who addresses the identity of his community, in a broad sense, through design and a living cartographic vision. The search for de-construction of the human being is closely linked to his perspective as an artist. His work has been published in several magazines and platforms worldwide such as Vogue Italia, Vogue México, Living Corriere, Marie Claire, among others. His works have also been exhibited around the world. In 2023 he was one of the artists selected for the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan and was nominated for Emerging Fashion Photographer at the Latin American Fashion Awards.

“I started taking photographs in 2010, from social coverage and fashion. I always liked fashion… and I continue, from other paradigms, like mixing between fashion photography and documentary”. She then studied Film and Photography, graduating in 2014. She lived in Paris during 2015 and there she carried out different types of photography and audiovisual work. Since then she has dedicated herself to fine arts, fashion photography, portraits and documentaries. She is currently working on short films and a project to make diversity visible in her community.

“Art came as a hobby and then as a means of expression and putting together personal projects, which in turn were born from a personal search of mine”he confesses. “Photography passes through me in every sense. It is a very healing mode of expression, which allows me to show other people’s experiences, with which I identify. I believe in art as a way to change life, the paradigm of thought… a lot of things. That is what moves me to continue doing photography”.

Its arrival at the Congress occurs through the Polish Embassy in Argentina, in the person of Alicja Tunk, cultural attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. “Raíces” was shown at the end of 2020 at the Casa de Misiones and then toured other points, until reaching Congress, “a space that belongs to the entire community, open and free, and that is why I find it interesting to be there,” said Holc.

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