In Yerba Buena, the 5000th LED was added to Bernabé Aráoz Boulevard

In Yerba Buena, they continue to improve lighting conditions on public roads with the aim of reinforcing the visibility of streets/avenues, so that they become safer, more accessible and, in turn, to save electricity through new modern high-quality luminaires. intensity.

In this sense, with the presence of the mayor Pablo Macchiarolathe national deputy, Mariano Campero, officials of the municipal cabinet team and the director of Public Lighting, Miguel Costilla, a total of 900 meters of LED lighting was inaugurated on Bernabé Aráoz boulevard, which connects one of the main avenues in the northern area (Av. Perón) with countries, clubs and access to neighboring areas of Tafí Viejo.

During the tour, Macchiarola referred to the benefits of having LED lighting in the city and announced that they will seek to continue working to complete 100% in the entire municipality. “In 2016, LED lights began to be installed, something that today seems to have been there forever. Before, the city was in darkness and now we have more than 60% of this technology that illuminates better and uses less energy. Very happy, five thousand important number and projected to complete the entirety in the municipality by 2027,” he told the press.

Miguel Costillain charge of public lighting in Yerba Buena, told about the work that was carried out in the northern area and highlighted the importance of having this type of lighting, which generates more savings, has greater power and is programmable.

“The boulevard – Bernabé Aráoz is one of the few main arteries left in the city that did not have LED lighting. It has a length of 900 m and 24 columns with 48 luminaires were placed. The installation had luminaires with discharge technology with 250VA vapor lamps. A technical study was carried out and they were replaced with high intensity 180VA LED lighting with a saving of approximately 35% in power,” Costilla highlighted.

And he added that “As a plus in this latest investment, luminaires were chosen that have the characteristic of being programmable over time. This means that we can define the amount of light they will emit.”

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