Urban transport in Córdoba: Coniferal buses circulate normally

Urban transport in Córdoba: Coniferal buses circulate normally
Urban transport in Córdoba: Coniferal buses circulate normally

The buses of the Coniferal urban passenger transport company in Córdoba circulate normally this morning.

An agreement was reached last night, the differences will be paid during the course of today.”explained the Union Secretary of the Automotive Tram Union (UTA), César Pereyra.

The drivers had warned yesterday about the possible holding of information assemblies because each worker had received 160 thousand pesos less in their salaries.

There will be no assemblies and transportation will be normal”Pereyra assured in statements to Miter Córdoba.

“We have to thank the Secretary of Government Rodrigo Fernández who, together with the General Secretariat and the deputy body, were able to unblock the conflict,” he expressed.

When will the ticket increase

The mayor of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, announced on Wednesday that at the end of June a possible increase in the ticket rate for urban passenger transport would be analyzed.

The capital chief anticipated that “When the fleet we have acquired is completed, hopefully at the end of June, we will complete the new lines, we will comply with the frequencies and we will evaluate the tariff adequacy”.

He also assured that “it is unsustainable for the municipality to continue contributing, as we are going to have to do now with the increase in the UTA of almost 10 billion pesos, we are going to have to contribute to sustain the system.” “The Municipality cannot continue doing so,” he insisted.

Passerini recalled that “today in Córdoba the ticket costs 700 pesos”, but “in Rosario, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, and Paraná they have already decided to take it to 940.” “There are other municipalities in the south of the country that are 1300, 1400 pesos”, he concluded.

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