“El Flaco” fell, one of the most wanted in Antioquia for homicide

“El Flaco” fell, one of the most wanted in Antioquia for homicide
“El Flaco” fell, one of the most wanted in Antioquia for homicide

Aburrá Valley

The Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley confirmed the capture of 5 people in the municipality of Envigado for different crimes associated with theft and homicide in the Aburrá Valley. Among these captures, the one of aalias “El Flaco”, who was on the most wanted cartel in the department of Antioquia and he was requested by a court in Caucasia for crimes such as homicide, manufacturing, trafficking or possession of firearms.

Colonel Eddy Javier Sánchez Sandoval, Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley, stated about this man: “This person is from the Bajo Cauca sector of Antioquia, belonging to a criminal organization that commits crimes there, with an important background in crime issues. homicide, drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping.”

“El Flaco” would be on the list of the most wanted in Antioquia because after having served a sentence in a prison center in this area of ​​the department, murdered a man identified as Luis Londoño in Caucasia in August 2023, which would be added to the accusations of crimes against him committed in the criminal organization of which he is a part.

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Other catches

In the same way, the authorities reported the capture of a 35-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, who in the month of September 2023 in the La Esperanza village, would have entered a home, where Through intimidation with a firearm, they stole a vehicle and a safe.

Additionally, in the El Salado neighborhood, uniformed officers managed to capture a 23-year-old man, who would belong to a criminal group that was dedicated to the sale of narcotics. In the Zona Centro neighborhood, they captured a 22-year-old man for theft, and for the same crime they captured two 23-year-old men near Las Vegas Avenue.

Finally, the Police captured two men, ages 28 and 31, allegedly for murdering a man identified as José Berrío on a public road in the municipality of Envigado, in February of the current year.

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