Absent father in San Antonio: the grandmother helped raise the child and the grandfather will pay the child support fee

In San Antonio, A father was sentenced to pay child support for his daughter, If not, the responsibility will fall on the girl’s grandfather. The ruling highlights that the mother was in charge of raising the child with the help of the paternal grandmother who died two years ago. The parent never showed interest in being part of the girl’s life.

According to what the mother told the court when she made the claim «from the birth of the girl he had to take care of carrying out all the tasks that her care entails and, in turn, to cover all expenses. At no time did the parent show interest.”

Which If she was present, it was the girl’s paternal grandmother who collaborated with her upbringing until she died in 2022.. However neither the parent nor the paternal grandfather had any contact They were not even interested in knowing how the girl was doing.

Motivated by this, the mother asked that the father be responsible for the maintenance fee and if not, that the paternal grandfather be responsible. “Despite having been notified, neither the father nor the grandfather appeared in the file when they were summoned,” they explained from Justice.

The ruling recalled that the Civil and Commercial Code defines parental responsibility as “the set of duties and rights that correspond to the parents over the person and property of the child, for their protection, development and comprehensive training while they are a minor and not has been emancipated.

So, “determines the duty of both parents to care for the child, live with him, provide him with food and educate him.”

The ruling states that “it has been proven that all these expenses are assumed by the parent, who also lives with her partner and the two children they have in common.” In addition, the expenses she faces for hiring a babysitter.

It was also proven by the statements of witnesses that “The parent has not assumed an active role in raising the girl, neglecting her economic and emotional needs.”

The social report that was carried out demonstrated the difficulties in reaching economic agreements with the parent, the distance from child care and the lack of consensus regarding the definitive form of assistance to be established.

What was the sentence that the judge granted for the absent father from San Antonio?

When analyzing the issuethe judge of San Antonio considered that “it is prudent to establish in a subsidiary manner that, in the event of non-compliance by the parent duly accredited on each occasion, “It is the paternal grandfather who is responsible for the food provision that the girl requires to achieve optimal development.”

Thus A food quota of 25% of what the parent receives in all concepts was set “deducting the legal discounts, plus family and school allowances and school aid if received, including the complementary annual salary.” This should not be less than 60% of the minimum, vital and mobile wage.

In addition, it established that “subsidiarily and in the event that the parent does not comply, the maintenance fee must be paid by the paternal grandfather.”

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