Do you want to make your house beautiful? Batteries with this call for housing improvement in Antioquia

Do you want to make your house beautiful? Batteries with this call for housing improvement in Antioquia
Do you want to make your house beautiful? Batteries with this call for housing improvement in Antioquia

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If you have been thinking for some time about where to get resources to be able to get your hands on the little house and turn it into a better living space, this call is for you.

Since Tuesday, June 4, the Antioquia Housing and Habitat Company, Viva, issued the public call for housing improvements “VIVA mi Casa” for families living in category 5 and 6 municipalities and Special category municipalities, 1, 2, 3 and 4. With this strategy, the housing company seeks to reduce the qualitative deficit in the department, since there are 433,000 households that live with housing shortages, according to which according to the 2021 Quality of Life Survey and the Housing Thinking Center and Habitat of Antioquia – VIVALAB.

The call, which will run until June 21, 2024, is aimed at the mayors of the 125 municipalities of the department who wish to carry out urban and rural improvements during this year, to benefit the most vulnerable families in their territory, identifying and addressing non-structural deficiencies in the homes of Antioquia families with the adaptation of the existing bathroom plus progressive flooring; adaptation of existing kitchen type integral kitchen plus progressive floor; or adaptation of floors.

Rodrigo Hernández, General Manager of VIVA, asked the mayors of municipalities of category 5 and 6 and of Special category up to 4, to participate in the call to make housing improvements in their municipalities, “we want to improve the housing conditions of families , because in Antioquia we are firm for social housing,” he said.

One of those who announced that he will do his best to access these improvements for his population was the president of Ebéjico, David Alonso Restrepo Castrillón. “In Ebéjico We have a deficit of a thousand homes in urban and rural areas, We hope that, with the support of VIVA, we can overcome this large deficit and bring prompt solutions to these families who need it so much and I want to extend the invitation to all the municipalities of the department of Antioquia to join this call that VIVA makes us. and let’s bring efficient solutions to these families who need to improve their homes so much.”

From VIVA they indicated that the call is designed with a differential and equitable territorial approach; and its distribution will be carried out according to demand, adapted to the specific needs of each municipality, as follows: Municipalities from special to fourth category will have to make a contribution of 33% of the total value of the project, for its part, VIVA will leverage the remaining 67%.

For those municipalities in the fifth and sixth category, they will have to make a contribution of only 10% of the total project and VIVA will be in charge of leveraging the remaining 90%. These co-financing schemes help mobilize the interest of municipalities that, due to their budgetary difficulties, would not have the possibility of executing this type of programs. There will be 14,106 housing improvements, with an investment of more than $170 billion and nearly 4,000 jobs will be generated.

They also clarified that the expression of interest by the municipalities does not imply a binding commitment, but it does constitute the first step towards the possibility of accessing this housing improvement program which is planned to be executed with resources from VIVA, the municipalities, the Ministry of City and Territory Housing and contributions from private companies.

Families who are interested in being beneficiaries of these improvements You must process your request through the planning secretariats, addresses or housing funds of your municipality. All information on the call can be consulted at or through the subregional links. This initiative is part of the Departmental Housing and Habitat Public Policy and the 2024-2027 Development Plan “Por Antioquia Firm” which establishes the improvement of 100,000 homes in the department to reduce the qualitative housing deficit for the most vulnerable population.

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