Seven people were captured in Bucaramanga for selling marijuana brownies and cookies

The Police Sijin managed to dismantle the criminal gang ‘Los Brothers’ that, according to the authorities, sold brownies, cookies and cakes with marijuana through WhatsApp to minors. Seven of its alleged members were captured.

Seven people captured resulted from a raid on a criminal gang dedicated to selling brownies, cookies and cakes with marijuana in the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga.

‘The Brothers’, as this organization was called by the Police, sold these edible products through social networks and was delivered at home to minors in school environments.

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“A citizen, a mother, came to the Sijin facilities to report the marketing of chocolates with marijuana in educational environments. From there we put in place a special component of investigators that allowed us to identify and identify seven criminals,” said Colonel Henry Yesid Bello Cubides, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga, Mebuc.

The edible products, which were ordered by WhatsApp, had a striking presentation to induce consumption in minors.

“To evade the control of the authorities, the home used a taxi, which was used to deliver the products between the members who posed as public service drivers,” added the spokesperson for the institution.

Through different judicial police and intelligence activities, including monitoring of the members of ‘Los Brothers’ by undercover uniformed officers, sufficient information was collected to advance the search process.

By carrying out the search and raid procedures, it was possible to capture aliases ‘La Flaca’, ‘Andrés’, ‘Alex’, ‘Lagrima’, ‘Cabezón’, ‘Salomón’ and ‘El Rolo’, who would be the ringleader. .

In this operation, more than 330 grams of narcotics were seized, including cocaine, coca base and marijuana, cash, four cartridges, two mobile devices, a grammer and elements used to prepare edible products.

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The Police estimate that this organization made daily profits of approximately 3 million pesos.

“With the dismantling of this criminal group, we contribute to the citizen security of the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga, contributing to the protection of children and adolescents,” concluded the Mebuc commander.


The seven detainees must answer before a judge for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics.

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