A man from Bernal won first prize at the Pizza World Cup

A man from Bernal won first prize at the Pizza World Cup
A man from Bernal won first prize at the Pizza World Cup

It is a contest that has been organized for a long time and that brings together the best pizza masters, who with different techniques try to bring the best material to the plate of their clients or, on this occasion, to the judges on duty. Fortunately, the person who won the “gold medal” is a man from Bernal, who also has his gastronomic venture, which is beginning to become known in the community and which will now become more relevant with the impetus of the consecration.

His name is Andrés Delicia and he appeared at the Pizza World Cup, to participate in the classic stone pizza category, organized by the Association of Pizzerias and Empanada Houses of the Argentine Republic (APYCE). This style must have certain characteristics, such as a diameter of 35 centimeters., or that it cannot be made in a mold, since it must be molded with one’s own hands. On the other hand, the presentation must be done in 20 minutes and you have to take out two identical pizzas.

This is how he overcame the three stages that occurred day by day, from last Tuesday to Thursday, and finally learned the great news, in the Costa Salguero hall, the place where said competition was held. Fortunately, the judges gave him first place, with Daniel Chaves from Brazil and Chilean Juan José Retamal coming in second place.

In total there were 776 participants from countries such as Luxembourg, Venezuela and Senegalwho also participated in other specific categories.

Andrés Delicia has his premises in his home and works through social networks delivering to homes. It is called “Pizzería Don Andrés” (@pizzeriadonandres2023) and is dedicated to the Sicilian style in a wood-fired oven, something truly original in the area.

The organization was proud of the performance of all the chefs. and the passion with which they worked on the contest.


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