Manizales seeks alternatives to maintain its air connection with Medellín

Manizales seeks alternatives to maintain its air connection with Medellín
Manizales seeks alternatives to maintain its air connection with Medellín

In a joint effort between the Government of Caldas, Inficaldas and the airline Clic, creative solutions are being explored to preserve the Manizales – Medellín air frequency in the face of decreased demand.

Credit: Government of Caldas.

Manizales, June 8, 2024. In a recent meeting called by the Government of Caldas and Inficaldas, the worrying suspension of the air frequency between Manizales and Medellín was discussed. The meeting, which was attended by important figures such as the director of Civil Aeronautics, Sergio París Mendoza, and the Manager of the Clic airline, Felipe Gutiérrez, addressed the decrease in passenger demand as the main reason behind the decision. of Click.

The airline revealed that between June 2024 and January 2025, only 41 tickets were booked for this route, and the improvement in the land route between the two cities has contributed to the significant reduction in demand. In addition, the country’s economic situation has affected the sale of tickets, leading Clic to suspend operations in several cities.

However, the Manager of Clic, Felipe Gutiérrez, proposed a solution: the Manizales – Medellín route could be maintained if the purchase of a certain number of seats by public and private entities is guaranteed. This collaboration would allow the airline to contribute without incurring operational losses.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that the Manizales – Bogotá frequency will be maintained with four flights on Mondays and Fridays, and three flights on the rest of the days. Sergio Paris, director of Civil Aeronautics, expressed his confidence that air demand will gradually increase.

The commitment of the authorities and economic unions of Caldas to maintain air connectivity is evident. An event is planned to highlight the potential of Caldas and Manizales, which could open new routes to other national destinations. The Manizales Chamber of Commerce will contribute commercial data to identify potential markets for new routes.


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