The Caligaris at the Movistar Arena: a show to thank Colombia | concert today in Bogotá

The Caligaris at the Movistar Arena: a show to thank Colombia | concert today in Bogotá
The Caligaris at the Movistar Arena: a show to thank Colombia | concert today in Bogotá

The Argentine band will perform this Saturday, June 8 at the Movistar Arena as part of their ‘Premios Caligaris’ tour.

Photo: Caligaris – Criteria Entertainment

Caligaris are synonymous with life, celebration and joy. For 26 years they took happiness seriously; like a mission. Like the legend of the clown Caligari, who died while doing a routine at the Muñoz Brothers circus in Córdoba, Argentina, they defend the banner of “having fun until the end.”

Like children in adult bodies, they have made mischief with their authentic, noble and sincere energy. Without fear or shame they have given the world, especially Latin America, their music that transforms; They change sadness for hope and gray clouds for rainbows, as in their most recent presentation in Colombia during the second edition of the Cordillera Festival in 2023.

“It was pouring rain and the stage was full of mud. We went out to play ‘All Locos’ and the song had not finished when the rain stopped and the rainbow came out. It was extraordinary, as if it had been prepared. I believe it was the result of the strength of the people who came with paintings, with clown noses and with flags. That clash of energies arrives and look… we stop the rain (laughs),” Martín Pampiglione, vocalist of the band, recalled for The viewer.

It was not the first time that their good vibes changed the face of Bogotá. In March 2022, after the cancellation of the Jamming Festival, they gave a free concert at Media Torta and scored points with the capital’s public, who responded to them in October of that year and filled the Royal Center twice.

The affection is mutual. Not only has it been because of the support that has been provided to the Argentine band since their first presentation in the country for Millonarios’ birthday in 2014, but their fans in the country remind them of the love they have for them every day through social networks. Almost like an idyll.

For these reasons, ten years after their first presentation in the country, Los Caligaris will dress up the Movistar Arena this Saturday with an awards ceremony to thank the public of Bogotá and Colombia.

The details of the Los Caligaris concert at the Movistar Arena

“Before we did more circus-like things like ‘twenty-circus’, ‘the happiest show on earth’ and ‘clown spirit’, but we wanted to start taking another path. We always try to surprise. We came up with this awards ceremony because There are not many words to thank and one way to do it is to give a prize to our audience,” said Pampiglione.

Although this Saturday’s event is a music show, the event will have this “ceremony” as the common thread of the event. Among some surprises, attendees will enter through a red carpet where they can take photos and, later in the concert, one of them will be chosen to collect a statuette in the name of the entire public.

“The public generally does not go to award ceremonies, they do not receive awards. So we wanted to invite you to our awards ceremony. We gave it a subtitle that is ‘the gala neighborhood’ because I invite you to one of these ceremonies and you say: what should I wear? Jacket, tie? No, each of us has his neighborhood and you represent your neighborhood as you want and as you feel most comfortable,” said the vocalist of Los Caligaris, who recently released their song ‘Hablar de Flores’ with Coti.

“It’s a new show with a lot of surprises. We changed everything: the stage, the screens, the clothes and the setlist. The public will be able to choose one of the songs through social networks. We will also have national bands that will come to participate with us,” she assured.

As Juan Taleb, also vocalist of Los Caligaris, says, the band has its feet on the ground and is happy to fulfill the dream they imagined since they were children. “It’s good to be part of the antithesis of pain and bad days. We can help others with optimism and making them laugh with something ironic, like the clown Caligari. That is a very noble and unbreakable mission. We promote love, peace and good vibes,” he mentioned to The viewer.

They have been in their career for 26 years and they still continue to enjoy and appreciate every photo, every greeting, every tour and even every song that reaches the Latin American soccer stadiums. “We sing to a passion and for a fan to take the trouble to change the lyrics of a song for her passion is extraordinary. When a fan sings one of your songs, it is the exact moment in which they give you the diploma of being a popular band,” said Martín Pampiglione.

In this upcoming concert at the Movistar Arena, Los Caligaris not only seek to provide a memorable show, but also express their deep gratitude to the city that has opened its doors to them and given them so much love. It will be a manifestation of the mutual admiration and affection that exists between the band and its audience.

After their concert in Bogotá, Los Caligaris will continue with their tour through Latin America that will end next year. Additionally, during 2024, they will release three new songs, which they will release every two or three months.

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