“We want the Patagonian Train to connect the valleys” – ADN

“We want the Patagonian Train to connect the valleys” – ADN
“We want the Patagonian Train to connect the valleys” – ADN

(ADN).- The governor, Alberto Weretilneck, wants Río Negro to take charge of passenger transportation with the train in the Alto Valle. Yesterday, on the anniversary of Chichinales, he announced that negotiations have officially begun with the national government so that the Patagonian Train can be allowed to use the tracks.

“We are working so that the Patagonian Train connects the valleys,” he said. “We understand that the current passenger transportation service no longer meets the needs of our neighbors,” she added, and assured that the provincial government is working to implement a new service that meets the mobility demands of the region.

The Governor highlighted the historical importance of the railroad in the region, recalling that “all our towns were born next to the train.” Aware of the current challenges in transportation, the president announced the development of a new public passenger transportation service for the Alto Valle, which will cover from Chichinales to Cipolletti and Cinco Saltos.

He highlighted that the efforts made before the national government have been well received, and that train technicians and professionals are evaluating the conditions of the stations and tracks in the Alto Valle. This joint effort aims to make the return of the passenger train to the Alto Valle a reality, thus improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

“Mobility concerns are fundamental to the development of our region,” Weretilneck said. In addition to public works, health, education and security, the provincial government is committed to guaranteeing efficient and accessible transportation for all residents of the Upper East Valley.


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