They ask for the implementation of the “Yolanda Law” of environmental education

They ask for the implementation of the “Yolanda Law” of environmental education
They ask for the implementation of the “Yolanda Law” of environmental education

Through a draft Resolution presented in the Deliberative Council, the block of Union for the Homeland requested the implementation of the Yolanda Environmental Education Law in the municipality of Cañuelas, highlighting the need for “environmental training and awareness among public officials.”

The measure is framed in compliance with the Ordinance No. 3,649/23, previously sanctioned, which already establishes the mandatory nature of this training at the local level.

The Yolanda Law, approved in 2020, requires that all public service employees receive Mandatory training in environmental matters.

This law pays tribute to Yolanda Ortiz pioneer in the defense of the environment in Latin America and the first woman to hold a public position in environmental management in the region. Ortiz, born in Tucumán and with a doctorate in Chemistry, was appointed in 1973 as Secretary of Natural Resources and Human Environment by Juan Domingo Perón during his third government.

The figure of Yolanda Ortiz is significant not only for her pioneering role, but also for her holistic approach to the interaction between society and natureand his constant defense of the environmental rights. His legacy is still valid and the training proposed by the Yolanda Law seeks to perpetuate his teachings and values.

The draft resolution presented by councilors of Unión por la Patria urges the Municipal Executive Department, through the Environment area, to negotiate with the Undersecretariat of Environment of the Nation, in charge of the Dr. Ana María Vidal de Lamas, the implementation of this training. The resolution also invites other public organizations in the district to join this initiative, thus promoting a culture of sustainable development and environmental care.

Days ago Mayor Marisa Fassi met with Dr. Vidal, neighbor of Cañuelas. In this framework, this implementation and the need to “optimize waste management in Cañuelas”, as expressed by the community leader on her social networks.

Written by: InfoCañuelas Editorial Team

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