With pits and change of direction of streets, they seek to improve traffic in the heart of Chimbas

With pits and change of direction of streets, they seek to improve traffic in the heart of Chimbas
With pits and change of direction of streets, they seek to improve traffic in the heart of Chimbas

For decades, Chimbas has been a highly urbanized department and its rapid growth has generated a great impact on the maintenance of environmental quality and the life of its inhabitants.

In this context and within the framework of National Road Safety Day, Mayor Daniela Rodríguez announced two road planning projects and a campaign aimed at the community in general.

One of the projects aims to establish the regulation of vehicular traffic in Villa Paula, head of the department, which includes:

* Pedestrian protection (pedestrian paths, reconstruction of sidewalks, curb curbs, tree root pruning, ramps, etc.).
* Vehicle parking limits and areas (through pits)
* Circulation changes in several arteries, such as 25 de Mayo, Remedios de Escalada de San Martín, Rodríguez, 9 de Julio, Callejón Jehan, among others
* Road signs.
* Traffic lights.

The other project seeks to solve the problem of loading and unloading merchandise, at different times and in large vehicles that causes numerous traffic problems in the most central sector of the department.

For this, measures will be promoted to regulate this activity, as well as the zoning of the microcenter of the city of Chimbas, establishing sanctions for those who do not comply with the provisions of said regulations.

“It is very important to clarify that, prior to the implementation of these measures, an Awareness Plan will be carried out, in order to communicate to neighbors the projects to be developed and the areas where they can be put into practice, using different means. communication, social networks and/or meetings,” they said.

“Chimbas takes care of you” Education and Road Safety Campaign

Beyond focusing on Road Education and Road Safety, this campaign fundamentally seeks a first approach to “Pedestrian Education”, which focuses on the training of citizens who travel, regardless of the means or way they use the road. public to move.

From the municipality they explained that “the idea of ​​the campaign is to work with the different levels of the Educational System and with the entire community of Chimbas, in a complementary and differentiated way. In this way, we contribute to rethinking the traffic system as a social construction and considering pedestrians as operators of change.”

Through an annual schedule, the campaign proposes differentiated quiz contests for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists; other competitions for schools; talks and educational activities, in a joint task with experts in the field, such as the Emicar Foundation, for example.

The first activity of this campaign is the “Chimbas takes care of you” photography contest. Let’s prevent road accidents”, which aims to ensure that secondary school students in Chimbas, from the age of 16, recognize the roles and behavioral characteristics of each user on public roads, in order to reflexively discriminate risk behaviors. or unsure of insurance.

Participation in the contest will imply that students must research and study on the subject to recognize and understand the risk situations that arise in traffic and photograph them with their cell phone.

For reports, bases and conditions of the contest, interested parties can consult:

* The networks of the Municipality of Chimbas
* Send a WhatsApp message to Tel. 264 455 2210
* Go in person to the Directorate of Education, Culture and Tourism, located on 25 de Mayo and Laprida, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
* Send an email to [email protected]

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