The scandal continues over adulterated weed from the Yerbatera Misiones company

The scandal continues over adulterated weed from the Yerbatera Misiones company
The scandal continues over adulterated weed from the Yerbatera Misiones company

The case of the use of pennyroyal in yerba mate continues with repercussions that shake the industry in Argentina. In this regard, the host of “El Periodista”, Gustavo Añibarro, delved into the repercussions of this alleged triple scam on the consumer, producer and treasury.

In the introduction of the program “El Periodista” on Channel 12, Gustavo Añibarro reported on the repercussions of a case that has shocked the herbal industry.. The controversy revolves around the fraudulent use of pennyroyal in the production of yerba mate. An issue that has raised concern among both consumers and producers nationwide.

Añibarro highlighted that journalist Eduardo Feinman in his La Nación + program was the first to denounce this irregular practice in the Yerbatera Misiones SRL.The problem is that we are talking about pure yerba, which should only have yerba mate and not a yuyo,” he noted. It is something that must comply with “the regulations of the national institution. Because you go and buy a kilo or half a kilo of weed,” said the driver.

The journalist stated that the reported practice is a triple scam: the consumer, the weed producer and the treasury. Likewise, he revealed that Eduardo Feinmann’s production provided a document where the name of the herbalist involved appears “and the purchase of large quantities of pennyroyal.”

The underlying problem of pennyroyal

In the program, The journalist realized that pennyroyal, a yuyo that is significantly cheaper than yerba mate, has been used to lower costs in production. This has led to situations where adulterated yerba mate is sold as pure, which deceives the consumer and harms both the producer and the State in terms of tax evasion.

Furthermore, Añibarro recalled that “these days, Deputy Juan José Szychowski came out to publicly ask that the State, the Nation, open the packages of weed (of the questioned brand). To control that they have grass and not grass with this weed “which costs 10 times less than pure yerba mate.”

Towards the end, the host clarified that the scandal is not limited to a single company, Yerbatera Misiones. Añibarro mentioned that there are possible indications that other companies could be involved in this fraudulent practice.

He also referred to images of pennyroyal bags being burned, which were widely circulated online. Something that suggests an attempt to destroy evidence related to this illegal activity. This has generated even more concern and has led some actors in the sector to call for greater regulation and control by the authorities.

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