The defender of the controversial sorogation in Cipolletti seeks a position in Neuquén

Cipolletti’s criminal defender defended his application before the Neuquén Constitutional Affairs Commission. Public lawyer Juan Pablo Piombo aspires to move to another province, with the same position, but with better remuneration. In the interview before the Council of the Judiciary he spoke about the idle time of judges, the project that aims to lower the age of imputability and the treatment of victims, which earned him more than one question.

Piombo’s actions generated a situation of dissent in Río Negro. First, because the general defender Ariel Alice granted him a subrogation for the position of the defense of minors, which It was vacant due to retirement.

The assignment was discretionary, not only because there were other officials in the same conditions but because the task has a low workload: there are ten files in the entire constituency with Cipolletti headquarters. Attorney Jorge Crespo validated Alice’s decision and signed the bonus in the salary of a defender It represents a monthly sum of approximately one million extra.

Piombo is also running for the same position as criminal defender but from Neuquén, which has a much higher salary. There is a difference between 40 and 50 percent between the salaries of Río Negro and Neuquén and that is generating an exodus.

Alice tried to seduce Piombo to stay in Río Negro: she demonstrated it with the gesture of surrogacy, although it did not work. It will be the Neuquén Legislature that has the last word regarding the lawyer’s document.

The issue of subrogation in the juvenile defense office caused some problems. punctually when A trial was suspended for sexual abuse of Catriel. The titular minor defender Alicia Merino presented sick leave.

Consequently, Piombo had to cover it but that day he also had permission to defend his nomination in Neuquén. The prosecution was conspicuous by her absence: she accompanied the postponement instead of demanding that another lawyer in the system fulfill the role of assisting the minor victim.

The issue would have been resolved if the cases involving minors were distributed among Cipolletti’s five criminal defenders or among the civil defenders. ANDThis is what the guarantee judges did when Laura Gónzalez Vitale retired: the cases were distributed, The service was guaranteed and no expenses were generated for the State. But Alice and Crespo decided to concentrate everything on a single official.

Piombo’s interview in Neuquén

The public lawyer highlighted his 12 years as a defender in Cipolletti and his five as chamber secretary. He admitted that he was running for the same position because in Cipolletti he had already reached the “ceiling” and in Neuquén he could aspire to the position of chief defender.

He talked about his training in mediation, coaching and communication. He criticized Andrés Harfuch for being the “champion of jury trials” and said that his methodology is very confusing and the jury does not understand the instructions that the teacher promotes.

When asked about the judges’ idle time, he said that it is a good sign that they have extra time because it means that they are making a lot of agreements. “It would be a failure if they made many judgments because the system is Anglo-Saxon and the debate is the exception,” he considered.

Regarding his interest in litigating in Neuquén, he did not recognize that there was an economic issue involved. He explained that Neuquén has a “spectacular” criminal management office with a lot of experts and that in Cipolletti have “half” social assistants that they share with the Civil jurisdiction. He made a move to elevate Ariel Alice’s management due to the lack of middle management. “There is one general defender for 140 defenders,” he complained.

He felt comfortable with the issue when one of the counselors asked him about the project that aims to lower the age of non-imputability. She said that they had appointed him as a surrogate defender of minors and that there are two views: one to punish, which comes from the political perspective and another to help “as I do”, he boasted.

Regarding the crimes committed by minors, he classified them into three: those that fight outside the bowling alley, sexual abuse between adolescents “in which consent is not clear,” and robberies and thefts committed due to addictions. He called those young people “zombies” because they are wandering around. and they don’t even want them in the house, described the defender.

Another of the counselors also asked her about her treatment of victims, especially when she has to defend those accused of sexual abuse. That role earned him the questioning of some organizations in another contest for Cipolletti trial judge. and in his intervention in the case of Autumn Uriarte’s femicide.

dHe defended his right to ask because it is provided for in the Constitution and said that he confronted the chamber psychologist Gesell about the questions she asks the victims. He defended that they could not impose a protocol over the Constitution. He said he agreed that the “defense can ask anything, as long as harm is avoided.”

It is not the only contest in which he appeared to win a position in the Neuquén justice system.

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