Investments that transform lives in the Atlantic |

Investments that transform lives in the Atlantic |
Investments that transform lives in the Atlantic |

Barranquilla is recognized as one of the 100 cities with the fastest growth in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) globally. This achievement places the city in position number 3 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in 27th globally according to the prestigious ranking of the international magazine FDI Intelligence, affiliated with the Financial Times.

During 2023, ProBarranquilla registered a historic amount in attracting investments, which exceeded the results by 130%.[1]two obtained in 2022, with a total investment of 602 million dollars, thanks to the installation of 28 projects that generated 2,234 jobs. “All these figures are very important, because in the end[1]mind transform lives.

That’s what makes us at ProBarranquilla stand up[1]”two days to work with passion to ensure that these investments reach our region,” said Vicky Osorio, executive director of ProBarranquilla, during the discussion “Investments that transform lives” in the recent edition of ExpoProBarranquilla 2024. This space allowed us to discover how these investments They positively impact people’s lives from various perspectives. Inspiring stories were shared, such as that of a beneficiary of a social project, a fruit supplier farmer, and that of a collaborator who saw the opportunity to get a job and start her working life thanks to the opening of a new plant. These are the cases of Yomaira Herrera, beneficiary of the pro[1]“Families Emprende” program[1]doras” by Alianza Team; Luis Francisco Serrano Posso, farmer who supplies Nutrium; and Margarita Fontalvo, Grupo Hada operator. “Entrepreneurial families changed my life,” were the words of Yomaira Herrera, a midwife who is a beneficiary of the social program of the company Alianza Team.

“Alianza Team with Sabor Bajero changed my life because it led me to prosperity in every sense. Today I am part of entrepreneurship processes that guarantee the strengthening of my typical Barranquilla food business. I went from being a student to being a professor at the INCA Center and from being hired to being hired. And my beauty blossomed thanks to Alianza Team.” Program that has had eight versions since its inception in 2022 and has established itself as a platform that highlights Barranquilla culture through gastronomy.

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