Valdés on the millionaire robberies: “I see with concern, they are very specific blows”

Valdés on the millionaire robberies: “I see with concern, they are very specific blows”
Valdés on the millionaire robberies: “I see with concern, they are very specific blows”

The governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés, was concerned about the million-dollar robberies that took place in different places and parts of the city.

In recent weeks, two well-known butcher shops in the Capital of Correntina suffered millionaire robberies in similar ways and caused a great stir.

In this regard, the president commented:“I see it with concern, because they are very specific blows that we have never experienced before.”

He mentioned that these cases are “drawing his attention” and that he already “had information that this was going to happen.”

He also took the floor to refer to the insecurity that exists in the neighborhoods and explained that “when social levels decline and resources are lacking, you can contain it with the police.”

However, he assured that “the only thing that improves your security is human development, having more, more work, more health.”

“You can continue to impinge on poverty but ultimately the only thing that is going to change us is that we have human development,” He said in statements to radio Sudamericana.

In this regard, the president announced that a request was made to create more prosecutor’s offices in Corrientes, but that “the Justice Department has not yet called for a prosecutor’s exam for the City of Corrientes.”


The robberies took place in two commercial premises during the same week, one of them being a premises located on Ferré Avenue and Uruguay Street.

At the scene, unknown people entered through a garage and violated one of the entrances to the branch’s bakery and took money that was in bags.

Sources close to the investigation determined that the loot was around 80 million pesos.

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As for the second robbery, the target was a butcher shop located in the middle of the Junín pedestrian area in the City of Corrientes.

People jumped the parking lot of the place and entered through the roof of the back of the establishment.

The assailants stole cash from the offices and security cameras there.

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