Tension in Puerto Madero: they caught the man who climbed a building without any type of security


A tense situation was experienced in Puerto Madero as a result of a man, of Polish nationality, who began climbing the outside of a 30-story tower. “In the building with a ground floor and 30 floors intended for offices, a male was found climbing to the height of the 8th floor on an overhang, he is of Polish nationality, a translator was requested at the scene,” indicated the security forces. The chosen building is the “Globant Tower” at 200 Ingeniero Della Paolera Street, which has 30 floors and is 125 meters high above sea level. Around 2:40 p.m., a rescue group managed to intercept him and place a safety harness on him. He only had three floors left to complete the climb.

The first official report that LA NACION accessed, provided by members of the City Police, indicated: “At 1:50 p.m. today Personnel from Neighborhood Police Station 1A, City Firefighters and SAME were moved to a building located on 200 Ing. Della Paolera Street. in Retiro, for a man who was climbing a 125 meter building and found himself at the height of the 8th floor on an iron protrusion and continued climbing”.

The officers had added that “the structure does not allow entry anywhere, since it involves glass windows. In the upper buildings there is GER Caballito together with BEFER performing an anchor. “A rescue mattress was placed.” As confirmed by this media from sources in the security forces, The man was intercepted by members of a rescue group, who placed a harness on him and lowered him to the 25th floor, where they had managed to break the structure.

Once on land, The foreign citizen underwent a medical examination by SAME personnel. Members of the Fire Department assured that the individual is in good health and did not resist the authorities. The climber will be taken by patrol to a police station.

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According to reports, the climber would be Marcin Banot Wiek, 36 years old, an influencer used to carrying out this type of risky activities and who shares the footage of his exploits on his Instagram account. Among other curious facts, Weik is a fan of mate and has his own brand of yerba.

In dialogue with All NewsJuan, a resident of Retiro, He clarified that it is not the first time that the foreigner has tried to carry out the dangerous feat in Puerto Madero: “Last Friday I had tried to climb the same building. A similar scenario unfolded this morning. Finally, he achieved his goal. He was able to get past security and move forward with his plan. It’s complete madness. “We are talking about someone who did all this without any security measures, not even a rope.”

The climber would be Marcin Banot Weik, 36 years old, an influencer accustomed to carrying out this type of risky activities and who shares the footage of his exploits on his Instagram account. IG

“From the moment construction started to escalate, everyone stopped what they were doing and started recording it. I thought the sequence would only last a few minutes. But, as time went by, he kept climbing and climbing. He chose the afternoon time slot because he knew it would have a larger audience. Really, he is trained for all this. He knows what he does. That does not mean that it is not a danger,” he said in closing.

Later, in statements to LN+, the deputy commissioner Gonzalo Dominic He gave details of the operation: “It was a combined maneuver between the Special Rescue Brigade (Befer) and the Special Rescue Group (GER) of the City. What was done was to work from the outside of the building and secure the person who was climbing. Once it was possible to save him, this person was placed at the disposal of the intervening prosecutor’s office and is under the protection of the Buenos Aires City Police.”

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“His attitude at the time of being arrested was peaceful. He is a person who obviously knows the subject, he knows what free climbing is. There were no problems. We employ a translator to understand the reasons behind their attitude. She says she simply does it as a challenge for Instagram. The prosecution will be in charge of determining whether or not this man will have to assume the costs of the complex operation that had to be carried out.“, complete.

Also in dialogue with LN+the head of SAME offered more details about the state of health of the now detainee. “Psychologically he is fine. The man is calm. But it hasn’t always happened like this. A couple of years ago, a man climbed a tower in front of Congress. The subject was altered, psychologically and almost attentive to his life. Finally, we managed to save him and he required medication. For me, mobilizing an entire team because of what just happened is not the right thing to do. What this guy did is completely prohibited. It can not be done. “It could have put the lives of the firefighters at risk,” he said.


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