Tense calm in Casa Rosada while the Bases law is debated in Congress

Tense calm in Casa Rosada while the Bases law is debated in Congress
Tense calm in Casa Rosada while the Bases law is debated in Congress

While in Congress senators debate the Bases law, Pink House It dawned covered by a blanket of fog that is not far from the internal climate experienced in the corridors of Balcarce 50. A tense calm invades the offices, in which everyone remains attentive to what is happening in the premises.

This time, they do not venture predictions. “We always knew that in the Senate it was going to be more difficult than in the Deputies, because we already have 33 votes against”, an official told Ámbito, while not ruling out a tie. In this case, they take it for granted that despite the internal friction, Victoria Villarruel will vote in favor. For this, the timing of the vote will be key, since at 10:30 p.m., Milei is scheduled to travel to Italy to attend the G7 summit, and Villarruel would have to take charge of the Executive Branch.

In this case, The person in charge of breaking the tie vote will be the provisional president of the Senate., Bartolomé Abdala, from La Libertad Avanzawhose vote would be worth double, according to article 33 of the National Constitution and the regulations of the Senate.

At this time, the Government is analyzing both scenarios as possible. If the project is approved, they are prepared for it to return to Deputies for modifications. If the official initiative does not prosper, Casa Rosada confirmed that They will withdraw the fiscal package.

Javier Milei avoided talking about the Bases law before businessmen

javier milei captures expoefi 2.jpg

Javier Milei exhibited at ExpoEFI.

President Javier Milei was handled with caution this morning, when presenting to businessmen at ExpoEFI 2024. Unlike other occasions, He avoided targeting the senators and deputies and mentioning the package of laws. After the meeting, he avoided going through Casa Rosada and returned to Quinta de Olivos. This afternoon she will present at the congress of the Cato Institute and the Libertad y Progreso Foundation. In the evening, she will leave for Italy to participate in the G7.

“There is work by the entire Government to get this law out,” They affirm in the Government although three names specifically stand out: that of the Chief of Staff Guillermo Francosthe head of the Senate Victoria Villarruely and that of the vice chief of the Executive Cabinet, José Rolandi. In fact, due to the work carried out, the former was promoted in the state organizational chart, while a resignation by Rolandi due to his contributions in the negotiation is ruled out.

Meanwhile, the Government admits that the decision of José María Carambia and Natalia Gadano, the Santa Cruz senators who anticipated that they would not provide a quorum, surprised them. “It’s strange, something else had been discussed,” they admit.

At the same time, they rule out that the position of ambassador to UNESCO for Senator Lucila Crexell has been granted in exchange for a positive vote. “It was not a designation, but a process that took time,” they justify. “The striking thing is that it leaks,” they point out.


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