The story of two volunteer firefighters who participated in the Ciudad fire

He lives in the same department where he chose to serve, everything”to help the community“. Being a voluntary activity, the majority of firefighters, in addition to the long daily hours where they dedicate themselves to fighting flames, add the work that allows them to have an income to live on.


Belén spoke with Channel 7 about the passion that moves her to carry out these selfless tasks.

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Belén works in a transportation and services warehouse, and is also constantly training in the world of firefighting.

“Today I had the opportunity to set up the work environment with my colleagues and do tcooling areas. pitoneer -throw water in the most difficult to access sectors- and pour water to lower the temperature“he commented.

It is a job that takes you away from the family on important dates – all the testimonies collected agree -, makes you lose work hours and exposes you to constant life and death situations. But all firefighters assure that the passion for the job always seduces.

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Belén explains it, with emotion, with an example: “I always love my mother, but every time I go to the barracks I remind her and also when I return. She is the daughter he had. Unfortunately she is what I like“.

He also added: “I joined because I liked it, I don’t have any family history, there is no one who is a firefighter in my family, and one day I wanted to be a firefighter to help others, to assist people who are going through ugly times.”


One of the firefighters who participated in the fire at the “Zapata Goma” premises this Wednesday morning.

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Another firefighter, with more years under his belt, also did it: “I have family, children, grandchildrenbut unfortunately passion calls us“We know we have to go home anyway, but we don’t think about the risk.”

“I feel a great emotion. You have to like it, it’s a passion. But what It fills you upEvery time I come it is a great satisfaction,” he commented.

The thanks of the mayor of the City, Ulpiano Suarez

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