Nobody answers where the mountain of debris from Hurricane Iota that will be removed from Providencia is going

They already have More than 3 years have passed since Hurricane Iota passed through the San Andrés and Providencia archipelago and left millions of dollars in damage. However, on the island there is still a fight over the management of tailbacks.s what left that mess.

According to the criteria of

TIME cheard a complaint that has just been filed in the Prosecutor’s Office against the mayor of Providencia, the liberal Álex Ramírez Nuza, on account of the dozens of accumulations of debris that are scattered throughout the island territory, generating environmental pollutionvisual and affecting the already diminished tourism in that area of ​​the country.

Using manifest urgency

Álex Ramírez Nuza, mayor of Providencia.

Photo:Private file.

TIME investigated and established that the debris was generated by the destruction infrastructure after the hurricane.

The complaint criminal was filed by Councilman Bayron Bent Williams (Colombian Democratic Party) who points to Mayor Ramírez, and the Secretary of Infrastructure, Debbie Archbold, for prevarication by action, contract without compliance with legal requirements and embezzlement by appropriation.

All The controversy centers on three contracts for the removal of debris that were delivered to a company created in 2013. based in Providencia.

The complainant argues that Mayor Ramírez declared for the second time a manifest emergency in Providencia and Santa Catalina due to “the persistence of disasters caused by the passage of Hurricane Iota”.

This was the panorama in San Andrés after the passage of Hurricane Iota.

Photo:Ronny Suárez / EL TIEMPO

The three contracts

Bayron Bent Williams, Providence councilman.

Bayron Bent Williams, Providence councilman.

Photo:Private file.

According to the complainta, under this figure the services of Ingequipos Providence were contracted to collect and transport the special waste that will be sent to the continent. The hiring was done directly for 1,800 million pesos.

And there was dTwo more contracts: one for 1,637 million pesos and another for 831 million pesos for the same purpose. Although these two were initially processed through a public tender They ended up being delivered to the same company.

Besides, The complainant councilor assures that the contracted company does not have the boats to move the ton of debris and that no one knows where they are going to dump them: “We suspect that they are going to dump them on the high seas”.

Also dHe stated that the UNGRD had already had 30 billion pesos available to collect the debris, clean several areas and accumulate it in two specific points: “The mayor invented the emergency.”

This is the Providencia pier, in the center of the island.


‘What the councilor does is lie to the community’

This is the complaint filed by Councilman Bayron Bent against the mayor and the infrastructure secretary of Providencia, as well as the representative of the company hired to remove debris.

This is the complaint filed by Councilman Bayron Bent against the mayor and the infrastructure secretary of Providencia, as well as the representative of the company hired to remove debris.


TIME He contacted Mayor Ramírez, who began by warning that the Attorney General’s Office gave him a peremptory period of 4 months to resolve the waste problem. The order indicates the collection of 3 thousand cubic meters of waste on the island (one ton).

What the councilor does is lie to the community, I am empowered by law to assign these contracts within the framework of manifest urgency. “How can I wait four months to solve this waste problem,” the mayor pointed out.

Also He said that the company to which it was awarded is of Raizal origin and that its objects do include debris removal.

“They are generating jobs and helping the region to progress” Ramírez assured.


Photo:Melissa Múnera Zambrano

Where does the waste go?

TIME He insistently asked the mayor where the ton of waste was going but all he said was that it was going to the continent. and that all the processes had been completed legally to remove them from the island.

They must be transferred for treatment to the final disposal site by the contractor who must prove for payment of the contract with a certification that demonstrates the transfer and delivery to the final disposal site located in a place other than San Andrés Providencia. and Santa Catalina,” said an authorized spokesperson for the mayor’s office.

ANDThis newspaper contacted the spokespersons of the winning company to ask them the same question and to ask them how they are going to mobilizer the ton of waste.

However, They stated that the spokesperson was at a medical appointment and at the close of this edition They had not answered the underlying questions.

Councilor Bent’s fear is that the environmental problem will move to the high seas.


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