Yellow alert for the Puyehue volcano: why the authorities of Neuquén and Río Negro met

For weeks now the Puyehue volcano keeps technicians from Neuquén and Río Negro worried due to the increase in seismic activity and land deformation. This Thursday The technical teams of both provinces analyzed and coordinated preventive actions to respond to possible risk scenarios.

The activity was chaired by the Secretary of Civil Protection, dependent on the Ministry of Security and Justice of Río Negro, Adrián Iribarren, and the mayor of Bariloche, Walter Cortés. There was also presence of national references on the subject.

In this context, Iribarren expressed: “The change of technical alert from green to yellow, According to specialists, it does not indicate that it triggers an imminent eruptive process.but it does warrant that State agencies be more attentive.”

Later, he highlighted: “We want to leave the population calm, these are meetings where prevention is worked on, now We have more tools like the Argentine Observatoryand coordinated work between the Province and its municipalities through Civil Protection, and in turn with the technical teams of the Nation.”

Among the topics addressed, the official commented that “The important thing is to evaluate what would affect our region, which is the dispersion of ash.”the impact map taking into account the prevailing wind map.”

It is worth remembering that the Southern Andes Volcanological Observatory (OVDAS) of Chile and the Argentine Mining Geological Service (SEGEMAR) updated the technical alert of the volcanic complex due to an increase in seismic activity and ground deformation. They clarified that “although it does not indicate an imminent eruption, it requires greater attention.”

The activity was organized by the Disaster Risk Management Directorate of the Civil Protection Secretariat of Río Negro in conjunction with the Municipality of Bariloche.


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