Rains and storms announced in Entre Ríos

Rains and storms announced in Entre Ríos
Rains and storms announced in Entre Ríos

After days of heat and high humidity, with temperatures of up to 28 and 29 degrees, Starting this Friday, a gradual decrease in thermals is forecast. This is because the wind will gradually begin to rotate in a southerly direction, which will result in a change in weather.

When and where the rains could return in Entre Ríos

In Paraná, La Paz, Diamante, Villaguay and Nogoyá, they predict isolated storms from the morning, but with greater probability in the afternoon and evening of this Friday. Then, there would be isolated showers and thunderstorms on Sunday.

In Concordia, Federal, Federation, Feliciano and San Salvador, they announce showers this Friday afternoon and isolated storms for the night and early morning of Saturday. Then, there could also be isolated storms on Sunday.

In Gualeguaychú, Colón, Tala, Uruguay and Ibicuy, they announce isolated storms this Friday morning, afternoon and night. Then, some showers are not ruled out on Sunday.

In Victoria and GualeguayFinally, they foresee possible storms and showers from the morning, afternoon and night of Friday. There would also be some showers on Sunday.



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