Julio César Chávez Jr. is free of charges in the United States, but must meet an important condition

Julio César Chávez Jr. reported that the Los Angeles judge handling his case decided to drop the charges for illegal possession of weapons, after admitting the motion for diversion for mental health that was requested by his lawyers.

Upon leaving the hearing, the boxer told media outlets such as Windowing that he is very happy with this decision, in addition to being willing to submit to the only condition that the court imposed on him to obtain his freedom.

“I feel very good, very happy, because what they had tried to do was approved and it is easier for me, because the only thing the judge asks of me is that I be clean. It is something that I also want,” said Julio César Chávez’s first-born son.

Julio César Chávez Jr. / Courtesy

“Right now they gave me the chance to live in my house. I’m at home, I go to what they tell me: one or two meetings a week and that’s it. My life is normal, simply (…) what I see is that they want it to be clean, it is the only thing they ask of me,” she added.

In the broadcast of shows it was also notified that it will be next October 15 when the athlete must attend a follow-up hearing to verify that he continues to attend the mental health rehabilitation program.

“For two years I have to do my anti-doping, I don’t know how often and be at home and stay clean,” Chávez Jr. stressed in this regard.

Regarding his professional life, Julio César Chávez Jr. confirmed that it will be in the coming months when he will return to the ring to face Darren Till.

“The Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight was scheduled for July 20, but Tyson got sick and it was postponed to November. I have more time to train, I don’t know if he can fight before, if he can fight in Mexico,” he said upon leaving the court.

At the beginning of 2024, Chávez Jr. was arrested at his residence in Los Angeles for possessing devices that can cause harm without permission. After a brief period in prison, the boxer paid bail to continue his trial in freedom.

In addition to bail, the judge in the case ordered him to immediately enter a rehabilitation clinic to treat his substance dependency, so after almost six months of the case, the boxer obtained this resolution in his favor.

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