Chaco invited the National Secretariat of Tourism and the Ministry of the Interior to participate in the 2024 Biennial – CHACODIAPORDIA.COM

The Sculpture Biennial is an international manifestation of contemporary art that not only brings together world-renowned artists, but also invites the public to a unique connection with art and nature.

The previous edition of the Biennial registered an attendance of more than half a million in-person visits during the ten days that the event lasted. This notable influx underlines the attractiveness and importance of the Biennale not only as a cultural event, but also as a powerful tourist magnet.

The Government of Chaco and the Urunday Foundation, which make up the Organizing Committee, are committed to carrying out the 2024 International Sculpture Biennial with the objective of strengthening the positioning of Chaco as a tourist destination of excellence and enhancing its visibility on the stage. global.

Chaco is preparing to receive visitors from all over the world, who will be able to enjoy a week full of creativity, innovation and a deep cultural exchange. This event not only celebrates artistic talent, but also reinforces the link between the community and art, demonstrating once again that culture and tourism is an essential driver for the development and international projection of the region.


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