Weretilneck criticized the strike and said there will be discounts – ADN

Weretilneck criticized the strike and said there will be discounts – ADN
Weretilneck criticized the strike and said there will be discounts – ADN

(ADN).- “The strike is incomprehensible,” said Governor Alberto Weretilneck this morning when referring to the measure of force decreed for today by UnTER. He assured that there will be discounts. He ruled out a new joint venture and announced that the last salary increase for the teaching sector will not be liquidated.

“We are very saddened that Rio Negro students do not have classes and cannot go to the cafeterias of our schools as a result of a decision that is incomprehensible,” said the Governor.

Weretilneck stressed that “teachers in our Province have the best salaries in the country. When one compares the 24 jurisdictions, Río Negro has the highest salary, which is why this measure is incomprehensible. “The provincial government, from December 10 until now, has taken steps to support the recovery of teacher salaries.”

In this sense, he exemplified: “When the national government removed the FONID, many provinces eliminated it, Río Negro left that 10 percent in the salaries of teachers as a way to accompany and not take away that Teacher Incentive Fund that the province “It was taken away by the Nation.”

Regarding other damages caused by the measure, Weretilneck added that since it was decided in less than 24 hours “today there will be thousands of kilos of bread for example that will not be consumed, meat and chicken that was thawed, transporters who had everything prepared to transport the children; and fundamentally mothers and fathers who had to change their family organization.”

In relation to a new joint meeting next week, the Governor clarified that “there will not be this instance, and we are not going to liquidate the increase that UnTER rejected either. In addition, the days not worked will be discounted due to the severity and fundamentally the non-existence of a conflict.”

It should be noted that in February of this year an undergraduate teacher initially earned $340,000, today he earns $700,000 and with this month’s increase, which was rejected, he would earn $793,000, that is, a 133 percent increase between February and July.

Meanwhile, a full-time teacher in February earned $637,555 pesos, and in July he would earn $1,377,763, that is, an increase of 116 percent.

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