those for covid and respiratory syncytial virus will apply

those for covid and respiratory syncytial virus will apply
those for covid and respiratory syncytial virus will apply

More free vaccines in pharmacies: those for covid and respiratory syncytial virus will be applied

The provincial government announced this Thursday the signing of an agreement with the College of Pharmacists of Santa Fe to offer in a way free in pharmacies vaccines against coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus.

According to the secretary of the Ministry of Health of Santa Fe, Andrea Uboldi, the measure aims “to the population has vaccines closer” that prevent serious forms of these two respiratory diseases in the face of winter.

“We are experiencing some difficulties due to the high demand generated by a overload in the health system“added the doctor and official, as another reason for the announcement.

Regarding the agreement, the official explained that it is “an agreement to offer free in pharmacies “Covid and respiratory syncytial virus vaccines, which cause bronchiolitis.” The latter is intended for pregnant women, with 32 to 36 weeks of gestation.

Dr. Uboldi pointed out that training for pharmacists so that they can fulfill the double role of “inform and advise the community” about diseases and their vaccines, as well as providing guidance on which pharmacies will apply them and in which cases.

There will be vaccines against coronavirus

In relation to covid, the authorities reported that doses from the Pfizer laboratory will be available.

Uboldi acknowledged that today is low the coronavirus vaccination rate since “the perception of risk determines adherence to a health policy” and today the virus “changed, becoming milder for most people.” However, the recommendation on “risk sectors that require reinforcement” remains.

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