The first Oporomboevae from Jujuy retired. What is it?

The first Oporomboevae from Jujuy retired. What is it?
The first Oporomboevae from Jujuy retired. What is it?

Vicente Novillo

Vicente Novillo, the first Oporomboevae of Jujuy, retired

The event was attended by Novillo’s family and friends, who occupied most of the available seats. In addition, the head of the modality, Merardo Monné, the technical team of the area, and those responsible for the Home Hospital Modality, Mercedes Martínez, and Special Education, Luciana Menacho, attended.

One of the most emotional moments of the day was the ancestral ceremony coordinated by the “campita guazú” Claudia Farías. On behalf of the Guarani people of Jujuy, Farías highlighted the invaluable work carried out by Novillo and urged him to continue teaching as “the wise man he happens to be.”

Merardo Monné, for his part, underlined the historical importance of Novillo’s retirement, stating that “he is the first Oporomboevae, that is, the first Guaraní indigenous teacher to retire. He is the first retiree of all the qualified and territorial ones in the province which currently number 82, and whose number has tripled in recent years. It was necessary to celebrate him and value all the knowledge and work that the Oporomboe Vae had been doing throughout his life.

During the event, the National Anthem was sung in the Guaraní language and allusive words were heard from family members and colleagues of Vicente Novillo, highlighting his dedication and commitment to education and Guaraní culture.

What is an Oporomboevae?

The term “Oporomboevae” comes from the Guaraní language and translates as “teacher” or “one who teaches.” In the educational context of Jujuy, an Oporomboevae is a suitable teacher who specializes in teaching the Guaraní language and culture, playing a crucial role in the preservation and promotion of this cultural heritage among new generations.

The figure of the Oporomboevae not only transmits academic knowledge, but also ancestral values ​​and traditions, strengthening the identity and sense of belonging of the Guaraní community.

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