Yina Calderón wants to go to Miss Universe Colombia representing Huila

Yina Calderón wants to go to Miss Universe Colombia representing Huila
Yina Calderón wants to go to Miss Universe Colombia representing Huila
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Jun 14, 2024 – 9:55 am

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Colombian content creator and DJ Yina Calderón has been the topic of conversation on social networks after revealing that wants to be part of Miss Universe Colombia and represent the country.

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Although many, at first, believed that it was a joke on the part of the businesswoman, she seems very willing to represent Huila in an upcoming contest. She assured that, Now that tattoos or age don’t matter, she feels motivated to be part of the reign.

“My friend Kelly showed up and participated very well for Sucre, why not for Huila? Yes, gentlemen, let her have Miss Colombia,” said Calderón while he recorded her body in a swimsuit in front of a mirror.

Her mother, for her part, supports her in pursuing her dreams. In fact, in her stories that she published on her Instagram account His excitement is evident when he also thinks that his daughter can be part of the reign in the next edition..

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Yina insisted that this is not a joke and sees the possibility of being part of the contest very close now that the rules and some of the more drastic filters have changed.

“And do you think it’s a lie? I mean, right now we have a Miss Colombia who was very chubby and an ‘influencer’ friend of mine was Miss Sucre. Age doesn’t matter anymore, if they have surgeries, or tattoos… Wait so long,” she said.

The comments, as usual, were immediate and at this time many are mocking and questioning the decision. They believe that she is not a suitable person for this type of contest, even though she assured that she will work for specific measures and achieve the goal.

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“As we are… she shows up and at least wins”, “How high her self-esteem surprises me”, “Miss ballot and miss convinced”, “Why don’t they prohibit that girl from having a cell phone?”, “It doesn’t matter her age or the tattoos, but if the face died”, among others.

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