Ángel Cabrera spent the first two matches at a high level

Ángel Cabrera spent the first two matches at a high level
Ángel Cabrera spent the first two matches at a high level

Cordoban golfer Ángel Cabrera has already completed the first two matches of the Paul Lawrie Match Play tournament on the Legends Tour, a golf circuit for people over 50 in Europe.

The competition is held on the field of the Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, in Hertfordshire, one hour from London.

“El Pato” in the first round accounted for the Englishman Scott Drummond by 5 holes won with 4 left to play and in the second round he also accounted for the Englishman Andrew Marshall by four holes up with two remaining.

Also playing was José Cóceres from Chaco who on Thursday defeated the Englishman David Lynn by two holes with one to go and on Friday he lost to Roger Chapman, also an Englishman by one hole after turning 18.

The tournament is eliminatory and 64 players started and the 32 winners played the second round and now there are 16 left to start on Saturday

Cabrera, two-time winner of the Major, is qualified for the round of 16 that will be played tomorrow and if he wins in the afternoon he will play the quarterfinals and on Sunday morning is the semifinal and in the afternoon the final. Ángel’s rival is another Englishman, Gary Evans, who arrives after beating Greg Owen (England) by 1 hole and Phillip Price (Wales) by 2 with 1 to go.

Grow in confidence

While having lunch, Cabrera explained to us the reasons for his resounding victories: “I am playing well, in the first round I played very well, there was a lot of wind, today I also played well and the day was different, sunny and little wind.”

In the first round Cabrera did not lose any holes and to win he made five birdies (1, 5, 7, 13 and 14) and in the second day, although it was different, it was of a high level on the part of both: Marshall won the 1 with birdie and two with par against par and bogey for the Cordoban.

Cabrera dispatched with birdies on 3; 4 and 5 and he was already one up. He made birdies again on 8 and 9 and 10 and was already in control four up. But the reaction came from Marshall who won 11; 12 and 13 with par; birdie and par.

“On the 11th I missed a putter for par, on the 12th I started and didn’t make par. He match play It is a very different game from the medal, you have to hit the right blow at the right moment and sometimes it doesn’t happen but luckily things are going well,” Cabrera explained. The definition was achieved with par 14, birdie on 15 and par on 16.

Then he commented on the circuit and the moment he has and his plans: “You can see the change of circuit, these tournaments do not have the spectacularity of the tournaments on the United States tour, but there are all the good European players that we play against. so many years, and the court is very good and in excellent condition. We’ll see how we continue here and next week. At the end of July is the British Open and I am already qualified. I hope I get the invitation to the US Senior Open, I really want to play that tournament,” Cabrera concluded that he is already among the 16 best in this competition.

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