Maracaibo Mayor’s Office prepares Corazón de Jesús and San José cemeteries on the eve of Father’s Day

MARACAIBO.- Before the arrival of Father’s daynext June 16, the Mayor’s Office of Maracaibo through the Deconcentrated Service of Municipal Cemeteries of Maracaibo (SEDECEMA) prepare the cemeteries Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Joseph to receive and attend to the relatives of the deceased who attend on this special date.

With cleaning, weeding, decoration, painting and security operations, the municipality has been preparing both facilities located on Avenida 28 La Médica and Calle 76, Sector 5 de Julio.

Eudu García, director of SEDECEMAhighlighted the commitment of the Mayor’s Office of Maracaibo to the maintenance and recovery of municipal cemeteries, as well as providing care that allows families to honor the memory of their loved ones on dates as important as Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day. of Father.

He reported that, in both cemeteries, public servants will be attentive receiving the mourners with hydration points and medical attention starting at 7:00 in the morning. *

Maracaibo Mayor’s Press



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