For carrying a stolen iPhone, a young woman was captured in Bucaramanga

For carrying a stolen iPhone, a young woman was captured in Bucaramanga
For carrying a stolen iPhone, a young woman was captured in Bucaramanga

The Police insists citizens not to acquire items of dubious origin, especially cell phones, since they would be immersed in judicial proceedings.

Photo: supplied / VANGUARDIA.

The most recent arrest for the crime of receiving took place in the Fontana neighborhood, south of Bucaramanga, where an 18-year-old girl was caught with a stolen cell phone.

Reception is understood as carrying items such as cell phones, vehicles, among others, that have been stolen and whose thefts have been reported to the authorities.

In a routine action, uniformed officers asked them to inspect the phone that the young woman was carrying. It was a white iPhone 11 cell phone, whose cost in digital commerce can exceed one million pesos.

“The cell phone was in fair condition, it had a positive history of theft. For this reason, she was captured and with the seized item they were left at the disposal of the Bucaramanga Prosecutor’s Office,” the Police stated in the report.

The crime of receiving in some cases is releaseable, so the majority of those captured for carrying stolen cell phones regain their freedom, but remain linked to the process.

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How to verify the legality of a cell phone?

The authorities recommend that to verify the authenticity of a cell phone it can be done with the IMEI code. It is made up of 15 numbers and can be found on the box of the mobile device or by dialing *#06#.

With the code you must enter the official IMEI Colombia website, enter the 15 digits in the corresponding field and press the ‘Consult’ button.

The platform will perform a search in the database to determine if it has been reported stolen or lost.

In case of theft, the main and first recommendation is that you should request the blocking of the device from the mobile service provider.

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