Thiago Messi and his first interview: “I want to play with the Argentine National Team” :: Olé

Thiago Messi and his first interview: “I want to play with the Argentine National Team” :: Olé
Thiago Messi and his first interview: “I want to play with the Argentine National Team” :: Olé

06/14/2024 5:20 p.m.Updated on 06/14/2024 5:23 p.m.

The stay of Thiago Messi in Inter Miami It is being more than prosperous. The oldest of the brothers is part of the Florida team’s U12 team and this Thursday he gave his first interview in which he talked about everything: from his ability with his left foot, his dad’s advice and even who he likes more between Haaland and Mbappé.

At a table held by José Ramón de la Morena, president of the foundation that has his name, Thiago was accompanied by his colleagues and friends Benjamín Suárez plus Roger and Eli, a Colombian boy and another Venezuelan who are part of the team led by Diego García, also present at the talk.

One of the most important moments came when the 12-year-old boy had to answer which country he wants to represent in the future and he did not hesitate: “I want to play with the Argentine National Team”. Furthermore, he blurted out when they insisted on Spain, where he was born: “No, I do not think so”.

The complete word of Thiago Messi

The most beautiful thing about the day was the experience of playing in front of so many people. and to be able to show the level that we all have,” Thiago began by saying when he was asked if the match had been tough and what he took away from Thursday’s matchday in which he drew goalless with his teammates against Real Sociedad. And furthermore, he did not hesitate in assuring with a grimace of a smile that he gets more nervous playing than watching his dad do it: “Playing today, yes.”

The talk continued and, at one point, when they asked Emi which team he was a fan of and he said it was Real Madrid, Mateo looked at him, crossed his arms and replied: “You didn’t tell me, ha.”

Thiago is already growing and the world’s curiosity to see which leg he handles best is already established, but he himself explained which one he feels most comfortable with: “With the right. I’m not very good with the left to be honest, I didn’t like my father, ha.” In relation to Leo, his son revealed that the captain of the National Team chooses to let him develop without putting pressure on him: “He doesn’t ask me (for his left-footed shot)”.

Although Leo Messi has a large gallery of goals to choose the most colorful or beautiful ones, Thiago took one very quickly and almost without hesitation: “Probably the one with the header in the Champions League final against Manchester United.”

Near the end of the conversation, the boys were asked to choose between Haaland and Mbappé and Thiago went with the Norwegian: “The truth is that each one has their best things, but If I have to choose one, I think I’ll go with Haaland. because I always liked him.” And which player would he take to his team? “Lamine Yamal”, was the name he revealed. The Barcelona youngster is barely 16 years old and spent a few years in the same tournament in which Thiago Messi competed this week.

How Thiago did with Inter Miami

Thiago Messi continues to grow as a footballer. Leo’s eldest son is already 12 years old and this Thursday he made his debut in LaLiga Futures in a 0-0 draw against Real Sociedad. The story continued this Friday against Barcelona and the result against them was harsh: 5-0 and the dream of advancing to the round was over.

The process of the match was for the La Masía boys’ side from the start. Two 12-minute halves are played and from the beginning it was the Spanish who dominated. In Orlando, Inter Miami could not show their best version and they were surpassed by a Barcelona team that comes with much more shooting.

Messi was a starter and was replaced in the first half by Benjamín Suárez, Luis’s son. In the complement it was the Argentine who returned to the field for the forward. Benja had a goal situation, while Mateo’s intensity and attitude stood out in trying to reach the rival goal.

The LaLiga FC Futures International Tournament is a grassroots football competition contested by under-12 teams (first-year children) in the 7-a-side football modality based on an invitation from the Spanish organization.

Barcelona beat Inter Miami. (JRM Foundation)

Inter Miami’s good year

After the titles in the Weston Cup and in the Blue Silver division of the Easter International Cup, the Las Garzas U12 team established themselves in the Florida Academy League and this was a great test for the little ones who still enjoyed a great event.

Messi vs. the Royal Society. (@The league)

The teams that made up the tournament

Group A: FC Barcelona, ​​Real Sociedad and Inter Miami CF.

Group B: Real Madrid, Villarreal CF and Hassania Agadir.

Group C: Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla FC and IdeaSport SA.

Group D: Real Betis, Orlando City and CR Flamengo.

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