Jhonier Leal was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the crime of his mother and brother

The 55th Criminal Circuit Court sentenced Jhonier Leal to 55 years in prison for having murdered his mother and brother, in November 2022. The man announced that he will appeal the decision.

The Attorney General’s Office had requested that Jhonier Leal be sentenced to 60 years in prison for the crime of his brother and his mother, which occurred in November 2023. Photo: Archive/VANGUARDIA

Although he has declared himself innocent of the crime of his mother and brother, Criminal Judge 55 of the Circuit Jhonier Leal was sentenced to 55 years in prison considering that no one else could have attempted their lives and manipulated the evidence against them.

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The conviction against him came after the Attorney General’s Office managed to prove that he murdered his mother Marleny Hernández and her brother, the stylist Mauricio Leal. The events took place in an exclusive sector of Bogotá, in La Calera, where the lifeless bodies were found.

Leal, who remains imprisoned in the La Picota Prison in Bogotá, has been declared innocent of the accused facts, despite the fact that he had initially announced that he wanted to move forward initially with the Prosecutor’s Office, but he recanted and said that he had been pressured.

Jhonier Leal, his mother and brother murdered. Taken from the internet /

Minutes before the hearing began, on a sheet of paper already in hand, Jhonier Leal stated that he would not attend the judicial proceedings and that he will appeal the first instance ruling against him.

“Madam Judge, to express to you my withdrawal from the in-person hearing in Paloquemao, since I understand that it will be virtual, and here I will wait for the link for the aforementioned hearing,” said.

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“Jhonier Rodolfo Leal Hernández had enough time to mercilessly attack his mother with a knife in Mrs. Marleny Hernández’s room and then move to Mauricio Leal Hernández’s room, where he effectively put him in a state of defenselessness by hitting “Ingesting the poison intimidates him, he stabs him four times with such bad luck that the blade of the knife remains inside the body.”, said the prosecutor in the case, Mario Burgos, in February of this year, when the condemnatory meaning of the ruling was known.

In the middle of the hearing on February 2, Leal spoke for the first time and after a long time, and maintained that he has a lot to say, although it is not yet time.

“This is a trial without defense, an atypical trial. “I have a lot to talk, a lot to say, but this is not the time or the moment to do it,” He held in the middle of the hearing. However, she did not give statements again.

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