Today’s anniversaries: what happened on June 15 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

Today’s anniversaries: what happened on June 15 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world
Today’s anniversaries: what happened on June 15 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the anniversaries of June 15 These events stand out that on a day like today occurred in Argentina and the world:

1916. Horacio Salgán is born

The pianist and composer Horacio Salgán is born. Considered one of the innovators of tango, he led one of the most celebrated groups in the history of 2 by 4: the Quinteto Real. He later put together a duo with Ubaldo de Lío, the guitarist of that group. He died two months after turning one hundred years old.

1918. The University Reform

The students of the University of Córdoba break in and prevent the inauguration of the new rector, the conservative Antonio Nores. Two months earlier, the Argentine University Federation had been founded and Córdoba was the epicenter of demands for greater participation of professors and students in a system with lifetime positions, which did not even update the study plans and had strong influence from the Church. At the University Assembly on June 15, professors vote for the first time, but Nores still prevails, reluctant to modernization. Then, the students declare a strike. A few days later, Deodoro Roca wrote the Liminal Manifestoin which students reaffirm their claims. The First National Student Congress is held and the University Federation of Córdoba decides to take control of the oldest house of higher education in Argentina. President Hipólito Yrigoyen orders their eviction through the Army. However, the movement for autonomy, co-government, public competitions and academic freedom is unstoppable and extends to the rest of the country: it is the University Reform.

1920. The birth of Alberto Sordi

One of the great faces of Italian cinema is born in Rome: Alberto Sordi. He started out as a voice actor. His career took off in the 1950s. He was seen in two Federico Fellini films: The white sheikh and The useless. By The devil won the Golden Globe in Hollywood, and for Detained awaiting trial, the award for best actor at the Berlin Festival. His vast filmography includes: A small, small bourgeois and The new monsters, among other classics. He died in 2003.

1953. Xi Jinping is born

Xi Jinping, China’s strongman, was born in Fuping. A chemical engineer by profession, he rose through the ranks in the Chinese Communist Party, of which he became general secretary in 2012. A few months later, in March 2013, he became president of China and obtained a second five-year term in 2018. He achieved the end of the two-term constitutional clause, which will allow him to seek re-election indefinitely. His period has been marked by the trade war with the United States and the global crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic, which began in China. In 2023, after completing two consecutive terms, he managed to get a motion approved to have indefinite re-election.

1977. Spain votes again

Spaniards elect their government by voting for the first time since 1936. After 41 years there are free elections, without banned parties. It is a key date, which buries the Franco regime, after the death of the Caudillo in November 1975 and the beginning of the Transition. Adolfo Suarezthe president of the government appointed by King Juan Carlos, wins as head of the Democratic Center Union. It is ahead of the Socialist Party and the Communist Party. The latter had been legalized in April. Further back appears Alianza Popular, the current Popular Party. The first government of democracy will promote the sanction of the Constitution in 1978.

1982. A historic win in the World Cup

Spain World Cup: Hungary and El Salvador They face each other at the Martínez Valero stadium in the city of Elche. It is the debut of both in a group that they share with Argentina and Belgium. Hungarians have no mercy for Central Americans: the match ends 10 to 1 (3 to 0 in the first half, the Salvadorans only scored after the fifth goal). It remains for history as the biggest win in the World Cup together with Yugoslavia’s 9-0 defeat of Zaire in Germany 74. Although the Magyars can claim that they are the first and only to have reached ten goals in a World Cup match.

1996. Goodbye to Ella Fitzgerald

One of the greatest voices of the 20th century dies: Ella Fitzgerald. She was 79 years old: in her last years, her diabetes left her almost blind and forced the amputation of both legs. His repertoire and influence have been compared to what Frank Sinatra did on a male level. with the popular songbook of the United States. Nicknamed “Lady Ella” and “First Lady of Song,” her career spanned since the 1930s.

2013. Froilán González dies

A motorsports glory dies at 90: José Froilán González. He was born in Arrecifes in 1922. He raced in Turismo Carretera and reached Formula 1. With Ferrari he won the British Grand Prix in Silverstone in 1951, in which It meant the first victory for the Italian team in the top category. He repeated there in 1954, in what was his second and last victory in Formula 1. That same year he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, also with Ferrari.

2013. The decline of Independiente

Independiente is defeated 1 to 0 against San Lorenzo and the relegation of the Avellaneda team is consummated. The top champion of the Copa Libertadores loses the category for the first time. They will return the following season, after beating Huracán in a playoff for promotion.

2019. The death of Zeffirelli

The Italian director Franco Zeffirelli He died at the age of 96 in Rome. Born in Florence in 1926, he stood out as an opera régisseur and as a filmmaker. He was nominated for an Oscar for Romeo and Juliet. In his career he filmed Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Jesus of Nazareth, Hamlet and Callas foreveramong other. He was a senator for Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s party..

Furthermore, it is the World Elder Abuse Awareness Dayand it is the Global Wind Day.

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