Cuba questions the US over a war submarine in Guantánamo

The Government of Cuba showed this Friday its displeasure at the presence of a war submarine of the United States in Guantanamo Bay (southeast Cuba), since Naval media visits occur after “an invitation and this is not the case.”

In that sense, the island’s vice minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossíostated: “Evidently, we do not like the presence in our territory and passing through our waters of an environment of that nature, belonging to a power that maintains an official and practical policy that is hostile against Cuba.”

“We knew of his presence, because according to procedures that we have followed for years, “The US informed us in advance”he said in statements to the official media Cubadebate. In any case, he assured that these visits “are usually the result of an invitation and This is not the case”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “the important thing to remember is the character illegal and unacceptable occupation of a part of our territory by a foreign power against the will of the Cuban people. “It is an illegitimate military occupation and that is what makes the difference.”

The nuclear submarine USS Helena. Photo: Reuters.

The United States’ position

According to the US Southern Command, the USS Helena is located in Cuba’s Guantánamo Bay, where Washington maintains a military base since 1903 and the Government of Havana demands the return of that territory which he considers illegally occupied.

A report from the entity highlighted that the fast attack submarine is in the area “as part of a routine port visit.”

It should be noted that the stay of the USS Helena coincides with the visit that a fleet of the Russian Navy has been making to the island since last Wednesday.

Controversy over the Russian fleet in Cuba

The Russian fleet which includes a nuclear-powered submarine, a modern frigate, an oil tanker and a tugboatgenerated great expectation in the Cuban capital, where he will remain until next Monday on a visit classified as “protocol” by the Ministry of the Cuban Armed Forces.

For its part, the Department of Defense indicated that it was following the movements of Russian ships for daysbut he assured that this does not pose a threat to US national security.

“We will always and constantly monitor any foreign vessel operating near United States territorial waters. Obviously, we take it seriouslybut these exercises do not represent a threat to the United States,” said the Pentagon vice spokesperson, Sabrina Singh.

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