They seek to optimize trade for small producers in Magdalena

They seek to optimize trade for small producers in Magdalena
They seek to optimize trade for small producers in Magdalena

As part of the project ‘Tracing fair routes: University cooperation for the internationalization of small businesses in Magdalena’, the University of Magdalena Through the Faculty of Business Sciences, he led a discussion in order to optimize commercial conditions and contribute to improving the quality of life of people linked to fair trade organizations.

On this occasion, students and teachers from the School of Business Administration for Colombia, Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla – UPAEP and the Universidad de Monterrey – UDEM of Mexico, in their role as allied institutions, participated in the activities scheduled during a three-day visit.

The professional in international trade, Master Gilberto Montoya Berbén, director of the International Business Program, described this visit as successful and explained that Through this initiative they seek to design, in a structured, sustainable, responsible and efficient way, an internationalization route for small producers in the Department.

“The essence of the University of Magdalena is to directly impact the territory, to be able to provide to the different communities through its human talent capabilities, of infrastructure and other resources, tools for its growth for a better quality of life and positive development,” stated the Program Director.

The first stage of the project includes a recognition phase in the community. For this reason, students and teachers from allied institutions traveled to the municipalities of Zona Bananera, Bonda and Santa Marta, in order to learn about the experiences of small producers who work under the fair trade model.

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Albeiro Cantillo Ruiz, banana producer from the Riofrío Banana Cooperative, Coobafrío, certified by Fairtrade, is one of the beneficiaries of the project and had the opportunity to socialize the benefits that this business model and the contribution of the University of Magdalena has brought.

“Since 2011 we have had this certification which has allowed us to maintain a stable price, providing peace of mind to our businesses; But for us the training that many producers have been able to receive thanks to these agreements with the University is very important,” said Albeiro Cantillo.

The banana producer also added: “we have been able to improve the quality of life of our children because we have been able to take them to the University and in advance I thank this Institution very much for opening the doors for our families to move forward.”

Gabriela Sánchez Bazán, academic secretary of the Business Deanship of the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla in Mexico – UPAEP, assured that this experience has been gratifying to strengthen ties with respect to commerce.

“This event seems sensational to me because it brought together many profiles, not only international, but also from public and private universities, with many focuses and that will be translated without a doubt in the growth of its students and of all those who were able to participate and in the development of the region,” he expressed.

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Meanwhile, Johan Ricardo Rodríguez, associate professor at the Faculty of Administration and Economic Sciences of the School of Business Administration, pointed out that these spaces are essential to continue strengthening these projects and manage initiatives with greater impact.

“We took away many ideas, many challenges, being able to find that the needs that microentrepreneurs and producers have internally are the same reality that small fair trade producers have and that from the academy we are going to contribute a lot.”

With these spaces, the University of Magdalena ratifies its commitment to contributing to the development of the territory from a more fair and sustainable perspective.

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