Senators demand the government take action for abandonment of the Magdalena

Senators demand the government take action for abandonment of the Magdalena
Senators demand the government take action for abandonment of the Magdalena

As a conclusion to the decentralized session in the district of Guáimaro, in Salamina, Magdalena, the voices of the mayors of the southern subregion, deputies and boards of communal action rose up to expose the multiple problems that afflict the department.

Among the main concerns are the poor condition of tertiary roads and secondary schools, the lack of investment in education and the persistence of the armed conflict, which is why they demanded that the national government take action on the matter.

In his speech, the mayor of Salamina highlighted the deplorable state of the tertiary roads, hindering the transportation of agricultural and livestock products, which generates a negative impact on the regional economy and the quality of life of farmers.

In addition, other points that the local president highlighted were erosion, bureaucracy, and permits, the inclusion of several entities, delay processes.

“We want solutions and commitments from all entities and the national and departmental government,” said one of those present.

Senator Claudia Pérez, who led the initiative to carry out the Decentralized in this area, made a strong call to the National Government to visit the regions and live in first person, the reality with which the population of this Department has to deal.

“I demand respect for the department of Magdalena. We needed the ministers to be present today in Guáimaro. Here we are those who do respond for our department. It is very easy to administer from cold Bogotá, but what you have to do is put on your boots and visit each of our municipalities,” the Senator expressed emphatically.

The members of the working groups of the municipal mayors of the department of Magdalena and unions were also present to present to all the officials and national delegates the largestThese are Magdalena’s needs and how without her help it is impossible to solve them.

“Poverty is winning the battle for us. You don’t know how many children have not had breakfast or go to bed without eating. Today they are learning about our reality, the one we live every day, the poverty of our working people. We don’t have infrastructure, no We have schools, there are no supplies, there is nothing,” said the mayor of Sitio Nuevo, in the Rio area, Alfredo Antonio Navarro Manga, sadly.

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On the other hand, the mayor of Pueblo Viejo, in the northern area, Brandon De Jesús Márquez Márquez, questioned what the authorities are doing to solve the problems of Magdalena. “Today our farmers and ranchers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are unemployed or are not producing because they fear for their lives because groups outside the law they want to exert more force than the public force itself. “We need and demand commitment to solve the problems we have.”

The mayor of San Sebastián de Buenavista, in the southern area, Jivanildo Bordeth Meriño, asked the National Government to reinforce the retaining wall in Pijiño and improve the via Guamal – Santa Bárbara “to feel that the State has caught up with us as a community.”

Finally, the intervention of the mayors’ work table integrators closed. municipal authorities of the department of Magdalena and unions, the mayor of Tenerife, for the central area, Jorge Miguel Mercado.

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“We need job creation, education, housing, the economy is driven by works, opportunities, dynamism, how can we save some needs if the “Winter and the El Niño phenomenon have not left us,” commented the mayor of Tenerife.

The Decentralized Session of the Fourth Commission of the Senate of the Republic continues with the intervention of Ministers, Vice Ministers and delegates, waiting to generate commitments that help the entire department of Magdalena.

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