The meeting on disaster risks ended with the presentation of specialists in Climate Change

The meeting on disaster risks ended with the presentation of specialists in Climate Change
The meeting on disaster risks ended with the presentation of specialists in Climate Change

This week, various meetings were held for several days on the day on disaster risks with the presentation of specialists in Climate Change, organized by the International Relations Representation of Salta, which included the participation of officials, technicians and experts from the Environment agencies. , Security and especially Civil Defense of the jurisdictions of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Canelones (Uruguay) and our Province.

In this sense, the representative of International Relations of the Province Julio San Millan stated that “climate change is a fact and it is already here. It is also a global concern, governments join forces to confront the risks it generates”, thus introducing the third day of a meeting called Government Experiences Subnationals in Disaster Risk Reduction. It was attended by specialists from the provinces of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Salta and Canelones (Uruguay).

Yesterday the presentation of the Climate Change reference was held in Salta, Constanza Pellenschifollowed by the National Director of Climate Change Laureano Corvalanwho referred to the consequences it is having on ecosystems and the human population.

Pellenschi explained that the effects are already being seen in our province, as well as in all regions of the country: “There are extreme weather events, as we see with the increase in torrential rains that have the consequences of flooding, landslides, road and bridge closures. , and also as extreme heat waves that affect people’s health.”

“But there are also gradual effects of climate change, which, for example, prolong dry periods with their consequent scarcity of water and risk of forest fires,” said the expert.

Among the authorities present were the honorary consul of Uruguay in Salta María Fascio and Major Héctor Vuoso of the Argentine Army.

It should be remembered that the meeting began last Wednesday at the Cultural Plant, and was attended by authorities from the four jurisdictions.

At the opening, the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development Alejandro Aldazabal He emphasized the importance of public opinion becoming aware of this reality.

Learn from the experience of others

During the first two days, experiences and lessons were shared from the Civil Defense areas of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Canelones (Uruguay) and Salta in situations caused by extreme weather events.

Agents from the Undersecretariat of Civil Defense of Salta presented the work carried out by the Province in terms of risk management in the event of forest fires, floods, earthquakes, among other adverse events, as well as the action plans and their respective evacuation protocols, awareness campaigns citizen, among other points.

Yesterday, the activity moved to Campo Quijano where the participants took a tour along National Route 51, in a stretch of 63 km. from Campo Quijano to Alfarcito, with the aim of recognizing the risks identified in the area (earthquakes, landslides, etc.). The activity was led by Civil Defense, the La Silleta Volunteer Fire Department and the Municipality of Campo Quijano.

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