The Sports Park is ready for the Colombian Folk Festival

The Sports Park is ready for the Colombian Folk Festival
The Sports Park is ready for the Colombian Folk Festival

This year citizens and tourists will have more space to enjoy the festivities at the Coliseum Mayor.


“Our house, the Sports Park, also dresses up in celebration and folklore; For this reason, the Coliseo Mayor will be one of the places where the Folk Festival will be experienced, because this is what our mayor Johana Aranda has arranged. We will host various cultural and artistic events, such as the election of the ambassadors, fantasy nights and folkloric gatherings, among others,” said Sebastián Perdomo, manager of Imdri.

During the days that events are held within the framework of the festival at the Coliseo Mayor, the Sports Park will have its doors open until 12:00 midnight.

Take note of the activities to be carried out in the most important sports center in the city:

June 20: Gala Night of the Municipal Folklore Meeting. 7:00 p.m.

June 21: Artistic exhibition and Sanjuanero Tolimense of the candidates for the Municipal Folklore Meeting. 6:00 pm

June 22: Fantasy Night (handmade costume and swimsuit parade) of the Municipal Folklore Meeting. 6:00 pm

June 23: Election and coronation. Municipal Ambassador of Folklore 2024. 6:00 pm

June 25: Presentation of Sanjuanero Tolimense candidates to the Departmental Folklore Meeting. 10:00 am

Presentation of free samples candidates for the Departmental Folklore Meeting: 4:00 pm

Election of Departmental Folklore Ambassador. 8:00 pm

June 28: International Folklore Meeting Gala. 3:00 pm

Festival of Festivals Gala: 5:00 pm

Night of Fantasy candidates for the National Folklore Meeting

7:00 p.m.

June 29: Presentation of National Comparsas ‘Colombia Folklorica’. 3:00 pm

2nd Popular Music Improvisation Meeting. 8:00 pm

June 30: Election and Coronation Evening of the National Folklore Ambassador. 7:00 p.m.

PHOTO: Mayor Coliseum. Supplied/The New Day

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