“The champion dog” ‘broke’ the networks at the Bucaramanga celebration – Publimetro Colombia

“The champion dog” ‘broke’ the networks at the Bucaramanga celebration – Publimetro Colombia
“The champion dog” ‘broke’ the networks at the Bucaramanga celebration – Publimetro Colombia

The hincas of Bucaramanga waited 75 years to shout champion for the first time in their history. The match was a carousel of emotions for the fans of both teams who left everything on the field and, after a heart-stopping 3-2 score in the match, the title was decided by penalties. Thousands of fans in Colombia took to the streets to celebrate and the way in which they celebrated has drawn attention. In fact, a small dog was seen celebrating the Bucaramanga title on a motorcycle and it has been a trend on social networks.

In the midst of the celebrations in Bucaramanga after champions were consecrated for the first time in their history, several videos have gone viral due to the different and curious ways of celebrating. In fact, “The champion dog”, as he has been called on social networks, has stolen all eyes. The video shows a small dog with a Bucaramanga jacket, a motorcycle case and sunglasses, the animal goes with his owner on a motorcycle in the middle of the festivities in the city.

It has caught our attention that the little dog is surrounded by people, full of foam everywhere, but even so he maintains his calm face and does not despair because he knows that he is a champion of the FPC. It’s more, At one point a person comes over to clean the animal’s glasses so that the animal can see in all its splendor how an entire city celebrates a title that it has waited for 75 years.

Personalities who have celebrated the Bucaramanga title

The senator of the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal, did not want to be left out of the celebration of Atlético Bucaramanga’s first title and celebrated the star achieved by the Santander team. Through her social networks, the senator congratulated the leopard team with a phrase that, although at the time it was a ‘meme’, has become a banner of Bucaramanga and, finally after 75 years, a reality. “Heading to the Libertadores,” wrote the senator. “Congratulations to the people of Santander for the long-awaited star of their Atlético Bucaramanga team. When a compatriot wins, Colombia wins!” Cabal concluded.

Believe it or not, a die-hard Santa Fe fan also celebrated Bucaramanga’s title. This is the mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Fernando Galán, who remembered that his father, Luis Carlos Galán, was a fan of Atlético Bucaramanga. The president celebrated that finally, although he was not alive, his father’s team achieved the long-awaited first title.

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