there will be road closures in Carabobo Norte in Medellín

there will be road closures in Carabobo Norte in Medellín
there will be road closures in Carabobo Norte in Medellín


The Medellín Urban Development Company (EDU) warned that starting this Monday, June 17, a series of road restrictions in the Carabobo raceat the height of the Botanical Garden, due to the expansion and rehabilitation works that are being carried out in that important corridor.

The measure was ordered to allow the paving of a section located near the Botanical Garden parking lot, near Moravia.

As explained by the entity, the restriction is planned in at least two progressive stages, which will cover sections of the 77th Street, Ferrocarril Avenue and Carabobo itselfwhich in the nomenclature corresponds to race 52.

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Thus, the first closure will focus on the 77th streetin the section between races 53 and 54Band another section of the Railway Avenuebetween the 73rd and 77th streets.

The second includes a restriction on the Carabobo race at its junction with the Railway Avenue, which in the nomenclature corresponds to race 53.

At all these intersections the closures will be total, so traffic authorities recommended that drivers traveling on these roads plan their routes in advance and devise alternate routes.

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According to the EDU, these changes were structured through a traffic management plan that had the approval of the Ministry of Mobility and would have already been socialized with the most affected community.

“This Traffic Management Plan was approved by the Ministry of Mobility and has an area of ​​influence in the sectors of Moravia, Oasis, Palermo and Álamoswhere the construction contractor carried out an outreach process with residents, transportation companies, the commercial sector, pedestrians and public transportation users to guarantee one-lane vehicular circulation and pedestrian circulation,” the entity reported in a press release.

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Finally, the EDU added that in the Carabobo Norte expansion works, which have not been free of controversy due to their delays, at least $43 billionwhich seeks not only to improve 3.26 kilometers of road, but also to build 2.24 kilometers of cycle route to link the center with the north of Medellín.

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